mystery photos 29

answers tomorrow

Who took this photo of lower Lynwood Village?
A guy in an airplane or a guy with a drone.

Where are these ladies hanging out?
Tim Horton’s at Fitzgerald/Robertson.

What does this test measure? (blue = good, red = bad)
Internet speed. Test your connection here.

What do these colours represent?
Poll results from the last federal election: Conservatives (blue) Liberals (red) NDP (orange)

Has there ever been a Saint Patrick’s Day parade along the Bells Corners strip?
– Yes, here’s proof.

What’s going on here?
New housing being built on Virgil Kimberly on the site of the recently demolished Stinson heritage home.

When is the next big election in Bells Corners?
June 7, 2018 (provincial election).

What happened here?
A car knocked out a traffic light at Stinson/Robertson (a routine occurrence on the dangerous BC strip).

Where did this crazy map come from?
A grade 9 Bell H.S. geography project on the future of Bells Corners.

What’s this neighbourhood called?
Westcliffe Estates. Photo taken before it was densified and gentrified.

Is the Westcliffe rink open?

Is flu season over?
This year it hit harder and started earlier.

Where is this community bulletin board?
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3 Responses to mystery photos 29

  1. Bobby says:

    Good work as usual, hope for more soon when the taxi rolls. 🙂 BobbyC

    – It’s hard to get passengers in frigid weather, but I’ve had the bike-taxi out a few times this winter, mostly in Bells Corners but also a trip downtown for the winter bike parade.

  2. ottawaowl says:

    I talked with disqualified PC candidate Jay Tysick yesterday and he told me he was DEFINITELY running against the official Tory candidate Goldie Ghamari in the next provincial election. Former Councillor Doug Thompson dropped out of the race and threw his weighty support to Tysick. Lots of other disgruntled and prominent Conservatives are working on Tysick’s anti-Patrick Brown social-conservative campaign. If the vote gets split too many ways it could be a cliffhanger!

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Stinson house is on Kimberly not Virgil!

    – Whoops. Across from the Kimberly Apartments.

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