shot fired

Six police cars responded to an emergency call in Lynwood Village Sunday afternoon. Concerned neighbours were relieved to find out that there were no immediate fatalities, only a serious injury due to the improper handling of a firearm.
Incidents like the tragic Westcliffe shooting, the increase in gang violence and the recent seizure of weapons on Sanibel Private should be put into perspective.
Bells Corners has its share of crime but less than most areas of the city.
Recent crime.
Disappointed parents hear the news: their neighbourhood school is being closed.
Some rejoice, others mourn: the bungling public school board has backtracked on its plan to make Lakeview P.S. and Bells Corners P.S. students switch schools.
This decision displeases parents who would prefer their kids go to a neighbourhood school instead of being bussed out of the community.
Winners: Bells Corners parents who want their kids to be in the English program for the primary grades
Losers: Bells Corners parents who want their kids to be in early French immersion
D. Aubrey Moodie Intermediate School (currently 351 students, building 70% full) will close at the end of the school year: grade 6 students will go to either Lakeview Public School or Bells Corners Public School, grades 7 and 8 will go to Bell High School.
Will the property be sold to Rick’s developer friends? Could it become a new Muslim K-12 school? Has ALL of the contaminated soil from the HUGE punctured oil tank been cleaned up?
What about lead in the pipes?
A survey by the parent council at Moodie showed 75 per cent of respondents did not want the school closed. However, there hasn’t been the same kind of high-profile lobby campaign that was launched by some of the other targeted schools.
Parental ideas rejected by the school board bureaucrats: triple-tracking Bells Corners by adding EFI; closing Lakeview and sending its population to Moodie for a new JK-grade 6 EFI school; redrawing boundaries to make Moodie a JK-grade 8 school.
Some parents were worried about the students being moved to Bell High, where they would share space with older kids. The board says it will renovate Bell, but the work would probably not be done by the time students move there in September 2017.
Community curling in Lakeview Park this Saturday.
REAL community associations are great! Corrupt bogus community associations are mostly a vehicle for political promotion and self-interest at the taxpayer’s expense.
A former right-wing Conservative Ottawa Sun columnist doesn’t like Lisa and hubby/Bells Corners BIA kingpin Joe Varner cheering Donald Trump.
Rick Chiarelli’s ex-employee Jay Tysick is back in the news getting in poor Patrick Brown’s face. Lisa MacLeod, Doug Thompson, Jack MacLaren, Pierre Poilievre, Goldie Ghamari and other rural Tories looked on in horror.
Lots of discord in Lisa Macleod’s party: many ripped up their membership cards and vowed to fight MacLeod and Brown in the next election by splitting the Conservative vote.
Excellent ice conditions in Westcliffe Park.
A beast prowls on the crashed-ice course.
Flooding at minus 17.
Flooding at minus 20!
Westcliffe conditions Jan. 31
There are no water meters in this condo community, so consumption is HUGE: around $100 a month added to the condo fees, so a person living alone pays way more than is fair. Installing water meters is an expensive solution. About half of the residents here are owners.
Did you vote? Some strange questions.

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2 Responses to shot fired

  1. Jimmy Olsen says:

    Fake news on Facebook.

  2. pam says:

    What will the bungling bureaucrats at the public school board do with D.A. Moodie?

    The closed intermediate school will be offered to the Catholic and French boards first but rumour has it that the Muslim community would be interested in purchasing it.

    The Jami Omar mosque serves the entire west end. A Jami Omar JK-12 school could probably be filled with students.

    In a perfect world students would walk to neighbourhood schools that served the diverse needs of the entire community. All schools would be equally and fairly funded.

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