crime wave?

Basketball in Lynwood Park.
At this point the game was tied 22-22 – next basket wins.
Jolly passengers ride the free bike-taxi in the FreshCo plaza. I also gave rides to the governor general, our crappy mayor and his crappy police chief.
There aren’t nearly enough benches in Bells Corners. At least Timmy’s is doing its part by providing this comfy spot to take a load off while waiting for the bus.
Break-ins for the first half of 2016 (details).
No reported break-ins in July (details).
Lots of break-ins in August (details). I met a guy in Lynwood Village today who spent the night on his roof armed with a paintball gun after his neighbour was violated.
Sanibel Private, where a police raid seized a number of weapons after a road rage incident.
The unfortunately-named development (aka the Towns of Jack Pine) is sandwiched between the Legion and the mosque.
These ladies got some great free publicity in the Citizen.
The space used to be occupied by Bella’s.
These friendly people flagged me down on Old Richmond Road (also called Parish Lane). They were checking out the Bells Corners Cooperative Nursery in the United Church.
Jobs at the old Wallack’s in the Starbucks plaza.
“Free” pizza?
Free pizza and free bike-taxi rides, 4-7 p.m. this Friday.
You can recycle your electronic goods here. I took in my mom’s old b&w television and they accepted it cheerfully.
Pretty cheeky to plaster commercial signs like this all over a residential neighbourhood.
So many people in need – who should we help first?
Lots of interesting stuff for sale at Brown’s Cleaners in the Giant Tiger plaza.
Cheap massage.
The brown paper’s gone – looks like someone is finally moving in where the computer store and the hobby shop used to be.
You are not doing your kids any favours by giving them poisonous treats like this.
Excess sugar is killing us. Low-fat diets are making us fat.
Doesn’t anyone at the religious food bank know anything about nutrition? Why encourage people to donate junk foods heavy in salt and sugar?
Many prefer to get more bang for their charitable buck by donating to the public food bank instead.
No wonder obesity is such a huge problem in Bells Corners.
Clever marketing.

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One Response to crime wave?

  1. Branwen says:

    I don’t think that FAMSAC knows nothing of nutrition, however having to rely on food donations to fill hampers many donated kids snacks have preservatives to have an extended shelf-life. If you would like to encourage people to donate money to FAMSAC so they can purchase fresh fruit for kids, please do! They can donate at Meanwhile, you must already know that the Ottawa Food Bank does not have a member agency that provides to Bells Corners. In fact if you go to the Ottawa Food Bank website ( and type in your Bells Corners postal code – they will instruct you to call FAMSAC as it is your community food bank. While FAMSAC was created by five local churches and largely supported by those churches – as are most food banks and cupboards across the city who are associated with the Ottawa Food Bank – FAMSAC runs 100% on donations and volunteers from churches, community groups, local businesses, and individuals from the communities that it serves (Not just Bells Corners, but also Bayshore, Crystal Beach, Craig Henry, Manordale, Woodvale, and Trend-Arlington). I am sure FAMSAC would love to tell you more about how it works – just reach out to them.

    – My point was that Erin often solicits donations of seriously unhealthy “food” like 5-Alive sugar-laced beverages, potato chips, goldfish crackers, chocolate puddings, cereals high in sugar, etc. making it seem like she doesn’t realize that these products are bad for people, especially kids.

    I also get that you want to help out your neighbours first, but why is it more important to help out a family in Craig Henry than one living in Britannia? Shouldn’t food assistance go to those who need it most?

    I also believe that the public food bank is run much more efficiently than FAMSAC. It’s transparent and accountable whereas FAMSAC answers only to the churches.

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