hate thy neighbour?

Life is good in Bells Corners, better than in many places.

The Kijii-ad-daycare-toys-stolen story is below. Read the comments! Fake news! The latest twist may surprise you.
“Yay, Canada!”
Most of these kids will go to Bells Corners Public School – they have an Arabic speaker on staff to help out.
These guys from Exel Contracting Inc. did a great job renovating the space in front of the school.
Some of the wood comes from the ash trees that were cut down.
Students can grow their own science experiment and then have it for lunch.
Bells Corners PS has about 292 students. School capacity is 488. Bells Corners schools face an uncertain future.
Some of the materials used.
The water guy cleaned up afterwards.
VERY expensive nozzle – same one the firefighters use.
Exel also planted a lot of flowering plants along the strip last year.
They smell nice too.
Jolly passengers at the Butchery, home of Vera’s hamburgers.
French tourists staying in Bells Corners raved about our bike paths.
This guy is a big Star Fries fan: “way better than Harvey’s!”
New railings on the stairs at the Bells Corners mosque.
Jami Omar Mosque

Neighbours don’t always get along.
Posted on kijiji
Metro got the scoop.

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17 Responses to hate thy neighbour?

  1. Larry says:

    Interesting how she is claiming the value to be $5000, when I add it all up it is more like $1500 brand spanking new.

  2. Carlos says:

    lol that is hilarious — well probably not for the women who lost her toys but really it is pretty inconsiderate to have all that stuff in front of the house. So I can understand why the neighbor did it.

  3. ottawaowl says:

    CBC picks up the story. The Citizen’s take on the biggest Bells Corners news story since the shooting back in March.

  4. Oscar Reyes says:

    Look how close that slide is to the road! At least 400 pounds from the pic. Tybalt tends to be a busy street and the cars at times drive too fast for the posted limit.

    All I’m saying is it looks trashy and dumpy. Toys should be in the backyard where they belong. It’s a safety issue as well. And a trampoline in the front driveway of a row house! Come on!
    – A trashy eyesore? Doesn’t seem that bad to me just going by the photo.

    A safety concern? Maybe a couple of speed humps on Tybalt would help if cars are speeding.
    The neighbour who complained must be gnashing his teeth – the donations are pouring in.
    We don’t know the whole story yet – what was in the guy’s mind when he pulled this nasty stunt? Without hearing from him we can only speculate.


  5. Oscar Reyes says:

    I am really wondering why, with all the safety concerns regarding this daycare and the media coverage it has gotten, how come the City has not come to inspect it and SHUT IT DOWN? Totally unsafe for children to be playing in a driveway in front of a house. Also the trampoline is on pavement next to a tree with branches hanging over it! How is this considered appropriate and acceptable? Kids going down the slide on pavement with no mats? I don’t get it. My girlfriend lives on this street and we both laugh and shake our heads every time we pass by this place.

    • Johnny Jones says:

      The city hasn’t shut it down because the daycare isn’t doing anything wrong. Since when do you need a mat to go down a slide?

      I’ve driven past the house and seen the kids jumping on the trampoline, never jumping high enough to even think of the branches as being a concern. What did you play on as a kid?

      And since when is it wrong for kids to play in their driveway? You must be horrified to see kids playing street hockey or riding their bicycles or skateboards.

  6. Johnny Jones says:

    Just a matter of time before the law catches up and this all gets sorted out.

    There’s one in every neighborhood who thinks they own the street. They say there’s a lady on the corner that has had issues with people on that end of the street in the past, and people a few doors down from the daycare who called bylaw and complained about the daycare many times. Before calling on the daycare they also called bylaw on a family who used to live across the road and had a loud autistic child. Those people had to move because this complainer harassed them so bad.

    People really need to get a life and mind their own business. For example all the bs safety concerns in the Facebook comments. If the parents of the kids who are in the care of this lady don’t have a problem with where she has their kids playing what concern is it of anyone else? All the times I’ve drove by I’ve seen other kids playing in other front yards and even on the street! How dare they play on the streets like we did as kids! They might actually have fun.

    Here’s an idea, maybe people should just slow the hell down when driving through residential areas. As for “eye sores” take a drive down Tybalt and Tarquin some time and just about most other streets in the area and you can see a whole lot of “eye sores” if you so choose that are maybe worse than this day care.

    Besides, define “eye sore.” To me it’s a neighborhood like Kanata where every house looks the same. Again people, mind your own business and get a life. If you don’t like it move to Kanata or Orleans. I think all children in those areas need certified playdates before they can legally leave their homes.

    Looks like the “stolen” toys have been returned.
    before incident
    after incident

    • Oscar Reyes says:

      Before you comment “Johnny” get your facts straight! The person who lived on corner of Tarquin (“Mike”) with the autistic child moved out because he rented and the owner of the home took back possession.

      • Johnny Jones says:

        Maybe you’re right but that’s different than word on the streets.

        Coming from someone who thinks kids need mats to slide down a slide, shouldn’t be playing in their driveways, and claiming this daycare is breaking some unmentioned rules doesn’t exactly give you much credibility.

  7. Oscar Reyes says:

    This is my last comment regarding all of this: it is the safety of children that is paramount here. By the pic some of these kids are toddlers – just MY opinion, but I don’t think a daycare should be run out of a front driveway.

    Also, I know for a fact: when you call bylaw to make a complaint, your name and address is kept confidential.

  8. Johnny Jones says:

    Fair enough, but in regards to calling Bylaw: I knew someone who had Bylaw called on her to the point of harassment for non-valid reasons. Bylaw at that point made it known where the calls were coming from so she could file harassment charges.

    Bylaw will themselves suggest harassment charges be filed when it gets to that point. So if this person or persons called Bylaw on this daycare enough times and for outrageous reasons (like kids jumping on a trampoline under a tree and sliding down slides without mats, or just for playing outside) I could see that being viewed as harassment and maybe that’s what happened here.

    But I’m speculating. We’ll see how it ends. Since this is a fraud case and the police are obviously involved the investigation won’t stop now and, regardless of what the lady running this daycare wants to do, Kijiji will for sure want to pursue it.

    As for your opinion about how the daycare is run, I think the opinions of the parents in the day care outweigh yours. Good luck.

    – Complaints to Bylaw are anonymous. In theory the City will only give up the info if the police request it as part of a criminal investigation.

    • Johnny Jones says:

      “Complaints to Bylaw are anonymous. In theory the City will only give up the info if the police request it as part of a criminal investigation.”

      Yes, you are absolutely right “in theory.” In practice however…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Currently, by ministry policy issued in 2013, home child care agencies are required to develop a policy around water safety that must reflect the ministry requirement that prohibits the use of and access to all bodies of water (e.g. pools, ponds, hot tubs, etc.) for children.

    Requirements around access/use of water in home child locations are now included in regulation for the first time and will take effect on August 29, 2016.

    There are some differences between the regulatory requirements and the 2013 policy:

    The regulation requires that no child under six years old who receives home child care is permitted to use or have access to any standing or recreational body of water on the premises.

    A home child care agency may choose to permit children who are six years old or older who receive home child care at the premises to use or have access to a pool or other body of water, as long as someone who meets the qualifications for a lifeguard set out in Ontario Regulation 565 (Public Pools) is present.

    If the licensee chooses to allow children over six years of age to use/access water, they need to have written policies and procedures in place.

    • Johnny Jones says:

      And where was there ever any mention of a pool in this case? Or is the point you are trying to make that the water policy is the only policy related to home daycares?

  10. Johnny Jones says:

    As many suspected:

    Ottawa Police have laid charges in connection with an investigation into a fake Kijiji ad which cost a Bells Corners home daycare its toys.

    An ad was posted in July inviting people to help themselves to toys from a driveway.

    A plastic slide, play structure and other items ended up disappearing.

    46-year-old (name withheld by request) and 50-year-old (name withheld by request) are both charged with conveying false information, theft and mischief.

  11. ottawaowl says:

    The plot thickens as new information surfaces. Talk about fake news and Facebook nastiness!

  12. ottawaowl says:

    Multiple sources tell me that all charges were dropped at trial when new information surfaced. Was the fake Kijiji ad placed by someone who benefitted when this story of conflict between neighbours went viral?

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