doors partially open Bells Corners

Hundreds of scientists work at the Bells Corners CanMET energy research centre. The complex is surrounded by an electrified fence. Tight gun-toting security is needed to protect expensive equipment (and unpublished research results that have economic or strategic value).
Once a year during Doors Open Bells Corners the public is invited to throw on a hard hat and safety googles and see how their tax dollars are being spent.
A scientist talks about the practical applications for research in explosives: mining, hydroelectric projects, military weaponry, etc.
Attendance was way up from last year – the Metroland story about the $150,000 super-efficient rapidly deployable northern house drew in a lot of curious visitors.

Its panels and windows can be transported by ship in four containers, and then quickly snapped together piece by piece with just a mallet.
Floating turbines use currents to produce clean electricity – a hydrokinetic generating system.
Green energy from perforated solar walls.
Many scientists think that bureaucratic regulations and political considerations are holding up progress on the implementation of clean energy solutions.
Most are delighted to see the Harper government gone.
But they remain wary of all politicians, especially Liberals.
A steady stream of local residents took advantage of the widely advertised invitation to visit the Bells Corners mosque – even more than last year’s amazing event.
At least three candidates in the last Bells Corners federal election took the tour to see the progress made since last year.
Jean-Luc Crooke and Chandra Arya pressed the flesh but Harry left in a huff when asked to remove his shoes.
Lots of friendly people at the mosque.
Free bike-taxi rides were popular.
When the huge mosque is finally completed the community will have a place to worship, a full-size gymnasium for youth of all ages, a separate dedicated exercise area for sisters (the Goodlife also has women-only workout areas), a madrasa for children and adults, a taghseel facility equipped with cold storage and a well-sourced library.
Many Bell High School students were said to be sad that they’d be unable to attend this year’s graduation prom because they couldn’t afford a gown.
Diana Zhang checks out a dress at the Pop Up Prom Shop at Bell High School.
Problem solved.
Rain in the morning washed out the Westcliffe right-wing Fun Day.
The police showed but the firemen, the Runamok bouncy slide people, Team Chiarelli and the Enbridge gas-fired BBQ team were no-shows.
Too bad – the weather was PERFECT for last year’s event.
Luckily the shadowy WECA “community association” isn’t on the hook for the $1500 bouncy slide bill.
Bill’s clique is still flush with cash thanks to their political connections and their control of the revenues from the community building.
Jeff and Tristan, isn’t it a conflict of interest when WECA/LVCA board members get special free access to the “community” building to boost the bottom line of their personal businesses?

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2 Responses to doors partially open Bells Corners

  1. Carlos says:

    Charge people something — if you don’t then it will be chaos. People won’t respect something if it is free — they’ll just abuse it. The fee doesn’t need to be a lot but enough to just dissuade mooches.

    – Mooches like Tristan, Rick, Bill, Jean-Luc, Terrlyn et al? Shouldn’t the rules be the same for everyone?

  2. ottawaowl says:

    Doors closed when it comes to transparency at fake Bells Corners community associations.

    Doors open in Bells Corners 2017.

    Doors open in Bells Corners 2015.

    Last year the Queen came!

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