schools closing

Bells Corners parents will have fewer choices as local schools close amid cutbacks.
Eliminating English kindergarten and weakening Early French Immersion at the public board (where English is losing ground and employees are in turmoil) is just the beginning.
No more English kindergarten at Bells Corners P.S., French immersion watered down at Lakeview P.S., deep cuts to staff (starting with the youngest teachers).
Is our Bells Corners elected representative even allowed to talk about it?
What can she tell us about the safety of the drinking water at D.A. Moodie and Bayshore Public School?
The bumbling bureaucrats at the public board are cutting schools and employees because of declining enrollment.
Exurban sprawl means that a new high school will be opened in Stittsville while older neighbourhoods like Bells Corners stand to lose schools and academic choices.
Bells Corners schools are at risk because of low enrollment: D.A. Moodie, only 351 students in a school with a capacity for 502.
Bells Corners P.S. – 292 students, capacity 488.
The secretive Catholic board is also facing a budget crunch due to falling enrollment – Our Lady of Peace is at risk too.
The Bells Corners MPP likes the status quo: wasteful public funding for only some religious schools; exurban developer-friendly car-centric sprawl and road-widening in the Greenbelt.
Conservative politician Lisa MacLeod sparred with Kevin O’Donnell on school funding.
The Queen is NOT amused that the Bells Corners Hoopla 2016 is cancelled.
Maybe because there was no Conservative funding help this year? Or the Loblaws bullies are to blame?
Is it Tristan or Rick’s fault?
The usual Facebook bullies and local “community” politicians are taking advantage of the flop, sharpening their knives and promoting themselves and their brand.
“Long live the Queen!” cried these jolly Brit tourists. “Long may she reign over Bells Corners! And let’s not Brexit.”
“Vive l’été!”
Dog gets a treat at the Dairy Queen.
Email me for a free ride on the Bells-Corners Bike-taxi or the Vélo Festif.

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2 Responses to schools closing

  1. Carlos says:

    Kevin O’Donnell is yelling at the wrong person — there is pretty much nothing that an MPP or anyone can do about the existence of the Catholic School Board. The existence of the Catholic school board is part of the Canadian Constitution so it can’t just be abolished by an act of the provincial legislature — ending funding for the Catholic school system requires a constitutional amendment and that will never happen. So while I agree that we should get rid of the Catholic school system unfortunately it isn’t going to happen.

    As for schools closing in Bells Corners — isn’t that a good thing? If you have two schools at just over 50% capacity it doesn’t really make sense to keep them both open.

    – From
    Think of what we could do with a billion dollars in savings!

  2. ottawaowl says:

    With only 351 students in a school with a capacity for 502 and the problems with the drinking water it’s not surprising that D.A. Moodie is likely to close after one more school year.

    Recommended grade configuration and program changes:
    Bell High School would offer Grades 7 to 12
    Bells Corners PS becomes Grade K-6, offering EFI
    Lakeview PS becomes Grade K-6, offering English and Middle French immersion

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