Jesus, Justin or Andy Wang?

FREE fun at the Great Bells Corners Debate this Sunday Oct. 4!
The first debate was top-notch real-life drama – reality TV without the TV. So get off your ass couch and check out the show.
Sparks will fly! Insults will be hurled, hearts broken and hecklers ejected. Prizes for best costume.
It’s at Bill Quinn’s Westcliffe community building, 681 Seyton Drive.
The Terry Kilrea lookalike walks softly and carries a big Conservative stick.
The entertainment starts at 7 p.m. but it’s a small venue, so show up early if you want a seat (or a ride on the Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi).
Loads of free parking.
This guy is coming all the way from Trend-Arlington on the bike-taxi to watch Sunday’s Bells Corners brawl – this will be the only public debate for the entire riding (Barrhaven and College ward).
Rick Chiarelli buddy and pie-eating machine Kurt Stoodley gets to be moderator and pick the questions for the 6 candidates.

Once Kurt has wrestled the mic away from social media bully and NDP shill Tristan Maack he will call for 60 seconds of silence to honour Max Keeping, the guy who judged the Giant Tiger Celebrity Pie-eating Contest.
This guy will be voting strategically.
This woman likes Tom and Elizabeth May but she’ll be voting Justin.
These youths like Justin but they probably won’t vote.
Would even Jesus vote strategically? Come to the debate on Sunday and ask him.
Will candidate Harry Splett get a few laughs at the debate? He’s got some great ideas in his platform (death penalty for adulterers, adopt the US dollar as our currency).
Will Communist candidate Tony Seed be booed? Vote here.

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