Smash! drive-thru deposit interruptus

Car-centric Bells Corners is the drive-thru capital of Canada. The elderly woman who took out the bank machine yesterday morning escaped with only a sore ankle – the bank and the car weren’t so lucky.
Horrific car accidents are a daily occurrence on the Bells Corners strip but amazingly there hasn’t been a single fatality yet this year!
The main problem is that almost everyone is in a big hurry.
In Bells Corners you never have to get out of your car.
The corrupt politicians and the big businesses love it.
Even Loblaws is getting on board – with click-and-collect you can shop without exiting your vehicle.
Will the Bells Corners Loblaws go click-and-collect or will it close? Only Galen Weston knows and he isn’t talking.
Bells Corners is a much safer place on the weekend without the speeding cut-thru commuters from Kanata and Stittsville.

We’re famous for our garage sales, our tacky strip malls, our contaminated soil and our slick politicians and corrupt community associations.
Garage sales, car show, food truck rally, bike parade – LOTS happening on Sat. Aug. 15 in Bells Corners.
Which food bank gives you the most bang for your buck? The PUBLIC food bank could be more efficient and transparent than FAMSAC, Erin Coffin’s Christian food bank.
When you donate to a charity you want to know that the money goes to the people who need it, not to administration/marketing/preaching.
BC is divided into three parts: Lynwood, Westcliffe and Bellwood.
Hugh has lived in Bellwood for a l-o-n-g time.
I don’t imagine he’s a big Rick Chiarelli or Tristan Maack/Jean-Luc Cooke fan.
It has to stop.
Speak up – you don’t have to give your name.
Christian Harper supporter spreads hate on the hill.
The last bike parade featured FIVE recumbents!

Email me for parade info or to reserve a free bike for the community ride.
Please vote here.

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2 Responses to Smash! drive-thru deposit interruptus

  1. theowlhunter says:

    I hope you fall off your bike and die.

  2. ottawaowl says:

    – Tristan, why don’t you comment using your real name?

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