illegal signs vandalized

Illegal election signs in Bells Corners – somebody call by-law!
A rogues’ gallery – shame on slick politicians who spend their way to power with secret funding.
These politicians don’t deserve your vote – they’re all scallywags, especially Jean-Luc Cooke and Tristan Maack.
Job Fair at the old Pizza Hut today – it should be opening soon.
The old Local Heroes needs around $200K in renovations, so it’ll sit empty for a l-o-n-g time.
Sukhothai is closed for two weeks.
It’s getting new rugs and access for wheelchairs.

Soccer in Lynwood Park
Teams use the undersized pitches for practices.
Only two coaches, but they ran a great session.
Lynwood Village has many magnificent trees – lots of 55-year-old maples on Ridgefield.
The guy trimming the branches of these City trees said they usually last around 80 years.
No shortage of work for tree cutters – we’re losing our green canopy way faster than it’s being replaced. Time to build some more trees or even plant some ourselves.

This guy has been working as a tree technician for 6 years – he said the pay was pretty good (almost $20/hr with some benefits) but it’s VERY physically demanding.

He’d rather be farming – he’s hoping a change of government will enable him to get back to the land.
Another illegal sign – they’re all over the place in Bells Corners.
These people paid for their sign, around $400/month, half for the sign company and half for the politicians to spend on self-promotion.
This sign in Bellwood doesn’t apply to politicians – Andy Wang and Chandra Arya will be showing up soon once they’ve covered Lynwood Village and Westcliffe.
The NDP doesn’t even have a candidate yet – hope they can find someone better than Facebook bully Tristan Maack or another parachute candidate like Ric Dagenais.
Tom has a real chance to steal a seat from Stephen if he finds someone decent.
The Loblaws watermelon has finally disappeared.
It’s been converted to a farmers’ market.

Great daily bargains at Loblaws – half-price on many items. Unsold bread ends up as pig feed. The other stuff goes to the landfill – both the public Ottawa Food Bank and the Christian FAMSAC don’t want it.
Make sure the cashier notices the pink sticker.
A reminder to Tristan that it is a criminal offence to steal or deface a rival’s sign.
Free Fun in Lynwood Park, Sat. Aug. 15 – everyone welcome to join the parade.

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One Response to illegal signs vandalized

  1. Alan Lowe says:

    You have it wrong my friend. Ric Dagenais was never a parachute candidate. He lives in Manotick which is squarely inside the riding of Nepean-Carleton. We would like a retraction.

    – Sorry, I stand corrected. I guess I was confused by the three times Mr. Dagenais ran for the NDP in Vanier. He got 16% of the vote last time. With Mr. Mulcair so high in the polls I was thinking there might be someone with more “star power” interested in the nomination.

    How many members does the NDP have in the Nepean riding? Probably not too many, right?

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