Loblaws to close?

First time I’ve given a ride to a kangaroo on the Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi.
These kids cruised from the Dairy Queen to Grazie’s.
These residents were checking out the bargains at Zellers.
Will the Bells Corners Loblaws/Zellers close?
Or will it be upgraded to a click-and-collect store? Galen Weston knows the answer – he owns the buildings and the HUGE asphalt-meadow parking lot – but he isn’t talking.
Watch out, squirrel!
Too late! At the same moment Bells Corners icon Catherine Gardener arrives to cash in some coupons for almost-free pop, candy bars and froot loops at the Giant Tiger – people on social assistance can’t always afford to eat healthy food.
Hungry low-income people can always top up their cupboards with some of Erin’s favourite FAMSAC junk food.
The weeds that had all but taken over the Giant Tiger plaza have finally been cut back.
It was so much nicer last year.

free signs
Electrical and Plumbing Store employee: “My first ride on a bike-taxi since about 50 years ago in India!”
Rick’s friends at the Lloyd Francis Boulevard Retirement Home on Northside are adding some more units.
But the Northside Condos are NOT selling like hotcakes.
Nice library bench at our FREE library.
Dolores was a good egg.
Justin’s Liberal team is going door-to-door in Bells Corners.
Nepean candidate Chandra Arya, who defeated two strong challengers for the nomination, will be soon be at your door – arya going to give him a warm welcome?

Arya is confident that the Nepean riding is winnable and that his opponents for the nomination will work hard on his campaign: “A nomination is the toughest battle any politician can face because it’s a fight within the family. We’re the same brothers and sisters so everybody is on board and supportive.”
Arya has been a Liberal for two years. He praised the party as “inclusive and open to people of various ideologies, accepting ideas from both the left and the right. Justin is fiscally responsible but socially liberal,” he said.
I guess he has a chance – who knows?
Liberal MP Trudeau and Conservative Senator Brazeau fight during their charity boxing match in Ottawa
Justin punches hard.
Andy Wang’s Barrhaven army has been knocking on doors since early February to spread the gospel according to Harper/Poilievre, so Arya has his work cut out for him.
The NDP doesn’t have a candidate yet – only perennial unionist candidate Ric Dagenais and Tristan Maack (a 36-year-old unemployed recovering disk jockey) have expressed interest, so Mulcair’s team will have to step in and parachute in someone BIG to have any chance of winning.

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