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Will Wang win and become the top Bells Corners politician?
Conservative Andy Wang is confident: “I deserve to win because I worked for the riding in Pierre Poilievre’s constituency office on Parliament Hill. I know Barrhaven issues more than any other candidate. I spent many years answering the phones and answering Pierre’s emails. I know EXACTLY what’s on peoples’ minds. I am confident that the people of Nepean and the rural areas believe in what Prime Minister Harper stands for.”
Many dislike Wang, even hard-core Conservatives. CBC: “Wang won the nomination on June 28. He was challenged by Bob Plamondon, a long-time Conservative with the backing of John Baird and of most of the riding association’s executive.
The aftermath has been unpleasant in Nepean: the riding association president and two other executive members quit following the nomination meeting. The riding president complained to the party months ago that she suspected Wang was campaigning using the membership list he accessed through his job in Poilievre’s office.
Days after Wang won the June 28 nomination, an anonymous letter sent to some journalists and to some in the riding alleged questionable tactics by some of Wang’s supporters. The information in the letter has not been confirmed by CBC News. Wang didn’t respond to a request for comment sent through his website.
Party spokesman Cory Hann wouldn’t comment on whether the party looked into the allegation Wang used a membership list from Poilievre’s office.

Wang’s Liberal opponent is business executive/community activist/father Chandra Arya. He claims to be relentless in his efforts to improve the lives of those around him. “It is this drive to make significant, long-lasting, and positive change that will make me a strong representative for the riding of Nepean,” he says.
Chandra has worked as an engineer, industrial banker, entrepreneur, investment advisor, and technology company executive. During the last three years he served on the board of Invest Ottawa – an economic development agency established with the mandate of making Ottawa the best place in Canada to start and grow a business. During this time, Chandra collaborated with its Co-Chair Mayor Jim Watson, among other business and institutional leaders.
Chandra has served on the boards of OCISO Not for Profit Housing Corporation and Ottawa Community Immigrants Services Organization. He previously served as the Chair of the Indo-Canada Ottawa Business Chamber and President of the Indo-Canadian Community Centre Inc.
Liberal MP Trudeau and Conservative Senator Brazeau fight during their charity boxing match in Ottawa
Chandra has earned a Bachelors of Engineering and Masters of Business Administration, and was professionally certified by the Canadian Securities Institute as a Canadian Investment Manager.
Chandra currently lives in Nepean, with his wife Sangeetha, who works with the Ottawa Catholic School Board. Their only son Sid is in the process of qualifying as a CPA, CA (Chartered Accountant).

Our Green Party candidate is Jean-Luc Cooke. You have to wonder why the unelected president of the secretive Lynwood Village Community Association is running again.
Elizabeth May in the Pride Parade
I’m not sure why – in 2011 he only got 4% of the vote, 7% less than what the Green candidate got in the 2008 election.
His tenure on the board of the LVCA has been marked by a total lack of transparency, various conflicts of interest, multiple violations of the constitution and alleged fraudulent abuse of the taxpayer (currently being investigated by the City’s auditor).

Maybe you like Tom? The NDP doesn’t have a nominated candidate yet for Bells Corners voters.

Undecided voters?
NOT Harper fans.
Grazie customers vote for more fun!
These ladies came all the way from Kleinburg to cheer on their team.
The guy on the left scored two goals against Ancaster at the Ben Franklin pitch.

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2 Responses to vote here

  1. Fran Harrington says:

    Why no weird pictures of any of the Liberal candidates? A bobblehead of Trudeau doesn’t count. Showing your true colours again, maybe? :>)

    – NO politician can be trusted. I would NEVER vote for Poilievre’s fartcatcher or for the Green Party weenie. The Liberal Party is full of slick opportunists and the NDP doesn’t even have a candidate yet. Sad.

  2. jean-luc crook says:

    Vote here. Jean-Luc Cooke’s tenure on the board of the fake community association has been marked by a total lack of transparency, various conflicts of interest, multiple violations of the constitution and alleged fraudulent abuse of the taxpayer.

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