Bells Corners Hoopla, part 2

SO MUCH fun!
SO MANY smiles.
SO MANY celebrity politicians!
SO MUCH work! (organizing, putting the rides up, cleaning up, hauling bales of hay around)
SO MANY laughs!
SO MUCH drama!
Everyone seemed eager to dunk Alex. $250 was raised for the new 10-bed hospice in Kanata.
A nice lady offered to pay the $5 for me and urged me to dunk the Conservative Bobby Hull lookalike.
I should have thanked her for her generous offer and explained that my first priority HAD to be the supervision of my bike-taxi.
taxihawks I NEVER leave it unattended. It’s not so much that I’m afraid of getting it stolen – I don’t want some kid to jump on and hurt himself. I have a PERFECT safety record with the bike-taxi and I intend to keep it.
Jack MacLaren, the “extreme-right” Conservative MPP for Carleton-Mississippi Mills, whiffed – O for three. But he had good technique – it’s not easy to hit such a small target from so far away.
Guy Annable couldn’t do it either. His attempt to lead the crowd in singing a vulgar anti-Kathleen Wynne song fizzled badly – the assembled Lisa MacLeod rurals may loathe the premier but they’re usually pretty polite.
Nice shot, Mayor Watson! Everyone was flabbergasted when Jim hit the bull’s-eye THE FIRST SHOT, sending a surprised Alex Lewis into the icy milk-and-fruit-loops.
The only other guy I saw dunk Alex from the prescribed distance was the councillor from Osgoode.
George Darouze seemed like a nice guy. He was elected with only 21% of the vote. Is that fair? Almost ALL of the developer-financed City Hall politicians are good with first-past-the-post and see no need to bother with organizing FAIR elections – the vote on reform was 19-5 AGAINST, with Jim, Rick and Hubley leading the charge.
Not surprisingly, Coun. Darouze told me that he was firmly AGAINST ranked-choice voting.
It was fun to meet Harry and his friend. Mr. Nepean and I go way back a long way, and I always enjoy chatting with him about the good old days, Andy Haydon and current events.
“Everyone knows me,” Harry joked as he shook hands with Conservative politicians. He’s RIGHT about being a celebrity for long-term BC residents – Harry was involved in events that shaped Bells Corners’ history!
This Young Conservative hopes to be the next Andy Wang. His table was next to Tristan’s so they traded friendly political insults all day long.
Tune in tomorrow for MORE Bells Corners Hoopla. There is A LOT more to add, including:
The Celebrity Cow-milking Contest!
The Justin Trudeau lookalike’s return to his old WECA stomping ground!
The TRUTH about the “free” pancakes!
ALL the poop on Wang!
THE TRUTH about the Golden Pizza Contest!
What the carnies REALLY thought about Bells Corners!
My apology to the German guy in case I offended him, which I doubt!
MORE strange tales of ordinary life in Bells Corners!
MANY more photos of ordinary BC residents!
FREE coffee!
More Midway magic!
If you can’t wait until tomorrow you can visit Bells Corners Hoopla, part 1.
Special thanks to the FIRST official passengers of the 2015 season of the upgraded Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi – NO tipping allowed!

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2 Responses to Bells Corners Hoopla, part 2

  1. Fran Harrington says:

    Sorry we missed the whole shebang! Sounds like it was a lot of fun.

    – I haven’t had such fun since the 2010 Lynwood Park Fun Day! Almost EVERYONE was in a great mood in spite of all the hard feelings about the cancellations and the ride bracelet hoopla. Lisa Marie unleashed her forked tongue when everything wasn’t up to her expectations, and for a while I thought we’d have an angry mob on our hands.

    I was REALLY impressed that no one gave me a hard time about piloting my bike-taxi around without a permit, even on the Midway! None of the carnies told me to get lost, and I only got the evil eye from Alex, Rick, Lida, Lisa Marie and Jack MacLaren.

    Lisa MacLeod came over, shook my hand and thanked me for my service to the community (with a straight face!). Alex glowered a bit, Jordan hovered and Lisa and Alex’s official camerawomen moved in to capture the photo op.

    Apart from the bombshell Gravy dropped on me at the last second, the WHOLE HOOPLA was totally awesome – I have EXPLOSIVE material for at least two or three more posts.

    The BIG Bells Corners story though, is NOT the Hoopla, or Lisa MacLeod, or even Andy Wang. Rather it’s:

    a) blatant CORRUPTION and misuse of public funds for personal gain at City Hall/WECA/LVCA/Team Rick

    b) the hateful cyberbullying/Facebook public shaming that Tristan has orchestrated

    I thought Tristan was maybe the guy to help clean things up, but (alas), he is NOT the man I assumed he was. It’s fitting that he got stuck with poor old neutered Reggie.

    As they say in the Forces “when you ASSUME you make an ass out of ‘u’ and me” and I made some assumptions about Tristan that turned out to be false.

    The REAL highlight of the Hoopla for me? Those 20 minutes when Tristan, Alex and I spoke from our hearts about what REALLY matters, what the endgame is.

    Alex kept saying “it’s for the record! it’s for the record!” but I am NOT going to report what Tristan or Alex said.

    Suffice it to say I came away with MORE sympathy for Alex (although I will continue to “attack” him for his misguided political views and his BS) and LESS sympathy for Tristan on many levels. For example, he thought the lady “attacking” Alex on BCR was Barry Donoghue’s widow! He admits that he has never read the LVCA constitution and never will! He advised Mark to go to the Paradise Spa!

    Anyway, tip of the hat to you, Tristan, some smart moves, but some dumb ones too that will probably come back to bite you in the butt. But, short-term, I expect Tristan-mania will soon hit the big media and you’ll FINALLY be able to monetize BCR- you won’t have to rely on hawking crappy t-shirts for $20 a pop, HST included.

    The “community” will reward you handsomely for your services in standing up for everything that is righteous and good in the “real” Bells Corners community, where even socialist Buddhist deviants like you are welcomed by the community honchos.

    Sue will be pushing cash on you! Rick and Alex have deep pockets! The two Bells Corners pseudo community associations have ten$ of thousand$ in the kitty! The business community and the churches can be VERY generous! It’s a House of Cards, Tristan, so play yours wisely or it will all come tumbling down.

  2. Fran Harrington says:

    I also forgot to say how pleased we are at our house to have this site back to follow the goings-on in Bells Corners. I seldom get to Facebook and wondered what the heck was happening.

    – There’s LOTS happening, WAY more than I can report on. But I’ll do my best.

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