mystery photos 28

Who? What? Where? When? Why? answers tomorrow
1. hat3
These people gave two thumbs up to the rooftop patio at East Side Mario’s.
2. baptist
This Baptist caretaker found my daughter’s iPod and four 1976 Montreal Olympics silver coins buried in the bushes beside the church – they had been stolen NINE years ago! The iPod is toast but the silver in the coins is worth $120 US. He FINALLY accepted one of the coins as a reward for his honesty – he plans to donate the proceeds to the Baptist version of FAMSAC. How did he find me? My daughter’s name was engraved on the iPod – he googled it and eventually came up with an email address!
3. fibre2
These guys are working for Rogers, upgrading the fibre optic cable near Bonita’s Mexican poutine food truck.
The Bells Corners Hoopla will take place during the last weekend in May. It will feature carnival rides and games, Ray’s reptiles, a dunk tank, Lisa MacLeod’s pancake breakfast, Rick Chiarelli’s doughnut bar, fire breathing, live music, speeches by Conservative politicians, FREE rides on the Bells Corners bike-taxi and much, much more! Tristan will have a booth to hawk overpriced Bells Corners t-shirts.
5. patio
Local hipsters enjoying one of Bells Corners MANY smoke-free patios.
6. rinkover
The 2014-2015 rink season in Lynwood Park is over, but no one at the LVCA seems interested in analyzing what went wrong. Once again the terms of the contract were ignored, Lynwood skaters got screwed and tax dollars were wasted.
7. tea2
High Tea at the Catholic church
8. thornciff2
A Sunday service at the Penetecostal church near the Gow’s condos
9. water2
The two-year project to keep BC water mains from leaking should wrap up this year. Magnesium anodes attached to the outside of the water pipes slow down corrosion.
10. bike-share
Need a lender bike while yours is in the shop? Want to try different styles of bikes to find out what’s best for you? Need extra bikes for friends visiting Bells Corners? Contact the BC FREE Bike-share. You can also get free air for your tires, free oil for your chain, free use of our bike tools and a free safety check.
11. posty2
We’ll be losing home delivery soon, but if you get a note from your doctor you MIGHT be eligible for once-a-week door delivery by a postie in a truck.
12. cleanup
This guy was part of the night-shift team cleaning up all the winter grit in the “Loblaws parking lot” (apparently it doesn’t belong to Loblaws).
13. cc
Workers removing doomed ash trees behind the Anglican church.
14. abri3
Rack and Roll in front of Hooters
Maple Hill Urban Farm has a stand in the Byward Market.
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One Response to mystery photos 28

  1. Lyndsey Hart says:

    #15 must be the Byward Farmers Market as that is Nan Trott with the purple t-shirt – she’s from Maple Hill Urban Farm on Moodie! Did you know they have community gardens, pick-your-own crops and a Halloween maze?

    They have a website and a Facebook page.

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