coal in Rick’s stocking

The Metro is the only Bells Corners grocery store with a community billboard.
Good on you, Metro!
The Centennial Library has a nice community bulletin board.
Today’s the last day to apply for the first chunk of money allocated to the Snow Go Assist Program – if your income is less than $32K and you can’t shovel yourself, you may be eligible for a 50% rebate on a commercial service. Call 613 591-3686 or drop in.
The Shell has finally sold the old location of Adrian’s garage.
No word yet on who will pay for decontaminating the soil – hopefully NOT the taxpayer!
The house on Stinson is also part of the deal.
The surveyors check the elevations.
Who gets to use the Lynwood Community Building?
Who pays and who doesn’t? What does it cost? Who do you call for more info? What’s the deal?
According to current LVCA policy:
1) Ordinary residents or groups pay $10/hr plus $16.20 – $32.40 for insurance (extra charges may apply)
2) The Yoga organization pays roughly $6000/year
3) Coffee & Company (mostly private home day care operators) pays $100/year with insurance paid for by the City taxpayer
4) Girl Guides Canada pays $200 year; they carry their own insurance
5) LVCA board members pay nothing – anything organized by a board member (like the holiday screening) is rent-free with insurance covered by the City
Lynwood Map
The City taxpayer pays ALL electricity/heating/cooling/maintenance/supervisory costs. Storage is free if you have permission from the City. If you’re interested in using the building contact Casey McGowan or Jen Bleeks at 613-828-2763.
The pathway in Lynwood Park becomes a road in winter – heavily salted and ploughed to give trucks and heavy equipment access to the building and the rink. This complicates things for skaters who want to access the building.
New entrance, paint job, floor, etc. at Grazie!
New menu too!
The City ploughs the sidewalks but sometimes they get filled back in.
Not easy for people pushing strollers or walkers.
Temporary signs cost a few hundred a month in taxes and fees.
Should residents have to pay to hear a politician give a campaign speech? Community consultation, Rick-style.
Should politicians have to declare their gifts?
Joanne Chianello in The Citizen is holding Rick’s feet to the fire: “When councillors approved a gift registry for elected officials last year, they agreed to set the disclosure limit at $30. Suddenly, councillors are clamouring that the disclosure threshold of $30 is too low because it captures many token gifts that our elected officials receive as part of doing their jobs. So what? It takes minutes to register a gift, so it hardly seems like a major burden on councillors’ staff. One of Chiarelli’s gifts was a $50 Chapters card for speaking to men’s group from a church in his own community. According to the registry, it was not donated.”
Our Bells Corners councillor was snubbed when Jim gave out the important committee chairs – nothing for Rick.
The Sun lists fourteen members of the mayor’s cabinet and Rick isn’t there.
Alex Cullen: “Putting pro-developer Councillor Jan Harder in charge of Planning Committee is tantamount to putting the fox in charge of the chickens. Since her election to Ottawa City Council in 2000 Harder has been the most pro-developer councillor in a suburban ward that grew like topsy, and profited from developer campaign contributions – in the 2010 election 60% of her campaign revenues came from corporations, from names like Minto, Richcraft and Tartan Homes. Now she will chair the Committee that will consider land applications from the very companies she accepted campaign contributions, and will think nothing amiss.”

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One Response to coal in Rick’s stocking

  1. jt says:

    If you pick someone from the core who’s anti-development all that means is you would see 20-storey buildings in Kanata and BC. Why? Because they are many who think it’s far better to build in the burbs like crazy than build in the core.

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