Jimmy Stewart in Bells Corners

Congrats to Tristan on his landslide victory – he puts the “community” in community association.
Life IS wonderful in Bells Corners in 2014, arguably even MORE wonderful than in 1946.
EVERYONE is welcome at this free community event at 7 Sycamore Drive, even residents who live west of Moodie and north of Robertson!
Even if you don’t want to watch the film, come for the homemade cookies, the socializing and the outdoor activities. If Lynwood rink operator Tray and her sister are supported by community volunteers a shinny game may even break out!
Look what Allan and Doug accomplished at Westcliffe last year!
But Mother Nature ALWAYS gets the last word.
These poor trees appear to be dying – not enough sun or moisture? Green space is in short supply in commercial Bells Corners so hopefully Loblaws will one day upgrade this area – maybe native drought-resistant shrubs and more seating?
The rumour that the old Timmys will soon open as a “gentleman’s club” has NOT been verified.
No clues around the back, only an abandoned FreshCo cart.
We’ll just have to wait and see.
The drive-thru TD will soon be rising from the ruins.
Most Bells Corners residents will lose their home delivery service next year. My mom lives in Kanata and it’s been an unhappy experience for her and for many others.
Some of the locations chosen are inappropriate, mostly for safety concerns, and have been moved at great cost to the taxpayer.
Her community association BLASTED Canada Post management/the Harper government for wasting tax dollars and only pretending to consult the community. “With Canada Post’s communication aimed mostly at individual residents, major issues with those locations are being missed,” said association president Neil Thomson.
Many of these issues revolve around the safety of pedestrians walking near the mailboxes, the safety of those stopping to use them and the city’s plans for building sidewalks where they have just been installed.
The Kanata community association president has this advice for Bells Corners: “This could have all been avoided if Canada Post had engaged with the community association in terms of us working to help them do what’s best for the entire community,” he said.
For those communities who will be dealing with Canada Post next year as they install more mailboxes, Thomson suggested lobbying Canada Post to make use of active community associations as soon as possible.
I talked to one of guys who maintains the bus shelters for OC Transpo.
litterHe’s not too happy with all the litter he has to clean up and his pet peeve is those who illegally tape notices on the glass, forcing him to use chemicals and/or a lot of elbow grease to clean up.
Installing a garbage can is no solution, he says, and is only done where there is video surveillance – vandals like to set fires in garbage cans to relieve the boredom of waiting for the bus.
Maybe this would help? It’d give them something more interesting to do.

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  1. Duncan Carmichael says:

    Tim Horton’s doesn’t say Merry Christmas.

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