sign wars

Over the years Rick Chiarelli’s opponents have always complained about sign vandalism and other dirty tricks, but no one’s ever been able to prove it. This election is no different. Guy seems to have accused Rick of criminal behaviour in a press release, but none of the reporters are buying it – Guy can’t produce the smoking gun.
Apparently Guy even accused ME somewhere on Facebook!
When I asked Guy if he REALLY believed it, he just chuckled and winked – “it’s just politics, Craig, get with the game!”
I’m NOT accusing any of my opponents of stealing MY signs. Not even Catherine Gardner. But politics is a dirty game, don’t you think? Look at Jeremy Wittet’s sneaky campaign literature as one small example.
Apparently Wittet ran twice for Catholic school board trustee in Southern Ontario but he lost both times. His only experience is as a non-voting student trustee appointed for a one-year term (the same career path Rick followed).

The thieves who vandalized and removed my signs could well be outraged members of Bells Corners Rocks!
Maybe someone from the illegitimate community associations?
Even Bill has been shaken out of his lethargy and showed up at a CBC campaign event to endorse Rick and embrace simple Conservative tough love principles: stop hugging thugs, foreigners and tree-huggers.
If Guy were a more credible candidate Bill would have loved to break with Rick and join the CFRA/Guy/Conservative campaign – Guy is basically an enhanced version of Bill’s old WECA buddy Terry Kilrea.
It must feel strange for Bill to oppose a Conservative/Ottawa Sun rabble-rouser like Guy in favour of a discredited Liberal-when-it’s-convenient career politician like Rick. Oh, the irony! But Bill knows who butters his bread and he’s savvy enough to know that Guy’s dog won’t hunt.
But I’m NOT accusing anyone in particular of stealing my signs. It could simply be bored teenagers.
Believe it or not I actually spotted three kids about 15-years-old walking along the strip carrying one of my vandalized recycled signs!
When I gently admonished them they claimed to have found the sign in the garbage, so we left it at that. Perhaps the young lads genuinely felt a bit of embarrassment when I asked for my sign back?
Now that they’ve confessed, what should be done about the three local guys who vandalized the church and the food bank before stealing the gilded Polish tabernacle and stashing it behind D.A. Moodie?
Recognize this dude? HINT: Guy and Bill HATE him.
Vote ABC! SURELY you people have more brains than to vote for Guy or Rick? Have you not read this piece by a Citizen journalist?
Rick and Alex’s campaign event only drew a few members of the BIA board, a couple of restaurant owners, a community activist from Bellwood, and, of course, Nancy, one of Rick’s taxpayer-funded “personal assistants” NOT supposed to be working on his campaign.
Nancy gets a photo for Rick’s twitter feed.
An Irish/Scottish Highlander showed up to play Rick’s campaign song.
These guys from Manotick did the design work for $3K.
Will Alex chuck the “bland blue” BIA toys and order all new brown swag?
I’ll miss the elephant.
Nice job, Nepean-Barrhaven News!
Outside Alex’s Good Will office
Friendly Francos
Friendly Foresters
Skateboarders won’t be voting Rick.
Workers in the FreshCo plaza on their lunch break
“More pie please,” say the poor, the homeless and the overtaxed.
It’s not true that ALL politicians are on the take.
We CAN do better.
Vote for me out of pity – I need 2% of the vote to get my $100 nomination fee reimbursed.

Embarrassing for all concerned. Not NEARLY as good as the bear guy’s video, but I did it in one take with a passerby holding the camera.

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2 Responses to sign wars

  1. Luke Chadwick says:

    I was watching the election results on TV along with my 14 year old son…once College ward results came up showing Rick winning..his immediate reaction was ‘that guy doesn’t look trustworthy’. If only they gave the vote to that age group.

  2. Jan says:

    Anita Olsen Harper won school trustee? Really? She was the worst candidate with the worst campaign! Her speeches were terrible!

    I suspect that union interference may have stolen her the election.

    – Her speeches were terrible? The way she delivered them or the ideas they contained? Which of the ideas didn’t you like?

    Her political skills aren’t great, I’d agree. A successful politician usually needs to be charismatic and forceful, like Guy Annable, Lowell Green or Jason Kenny for example, and push all the right buttons to get the voter interested.

    But at least she, unlike Rick’s protégé, appears to be honest, capable and sincere. David was good too, but I would never have voted for Jeremy, who was all sizzle and no steak.

    Anita’s not related to Stephen, if that’s why you think she was the worst candidate.

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