Bells Corners quiz 8

(answers tomorrow)
1. Why are these tourists from Sudbury so happy?
– They won all of their games at the lacrosse tournament held at Bell H.S.
2. Why do these Bell’s Corners kids look so smug?
– They’re Catholic students enjoying their privileged position as the ONLY religion that gets to run faith-based schools with taxpayer funds (they even get MORE funding per capita than the public board!). Catholics and corrupt politicians like Rick LOVE it – Protestants, Jews, Muslims, agnostics, Christian fundamentalists and taxpayers – not so much.

3. What on earth is going on at Al’s Steak House?
– Dealing with a badly leaking roof on Bells Corners’ most important heritage building is just the start of the major renovations – the community-minded East India Company boss has big plans and a tantalizing vision.
4. Where is the BEST place to eat breakfast in Bells Corners?
– The big chains hoover up 90% of the breakfast dollars in Bells Corners thanks to their corporate marketing muscle, but ALL of the small independents like Grazie! and Miki’s offer a much better deal.

4. What were these tourists doing in Bells Corners?
– The dapper dad is getting treatment at the Queensway-Carleton. The mother told me that they were enjoying their first visit to the South, but she found it a VERY strange place. The girl hasn’t started school yet, and so didn’t speak any English, but, judging by her non-stop laughing and giggling, I’m guessing she enjoyed her ride on the Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi.
5. Where is this graffiti located and why hasn’t it been removed?
– It’s official graffiti on Old Robertson Road so there’s no need to remove it.
6. Why was there live music last Sunday in the Bio-Test/Pizza Hut plaza?
– The tattoo place in the Bio-Test/Pizza Hut plaza was celebrating its fifth birthday with a DYNAMITE parking lot party with music by Cadillac Rumble, one of Ottawa’s hottest bands.
7. Where is the ABSOLUTE BEST Asian food in Bells Corners?
– I don’t eat out much, and I’m more gourmand than gourmet, but I was blown away by the DELICIOUS food at the Tandoori Fusion next to McDonald’s. Even Gordon Ramsay would give it at least three thumbs up.
8. Which Bells Corners store offers the BEST merchandise at the LOWEST price?
– The Salvation Army Thrift Store on Moodie, victim of a recent brazen armed robbery, has amazingly entertaining auctions at least once a month.
9. Did Rick drive his car to the RedSacks game?
– Do bears poop in the woods? He wouldn’t tell Susan Sherring of the Sun how he got to the game, but it sure wasn’t by bike.
10. Why are so many residents upset about the Coffee & Company/LVCA air conditioner?
– The guys redoing the courts for the semi-private Lynwood Park Tennis Club are storing all the chemicals in the basement, and the noxious fumes are being circulated into the Coffee & Company/LVCA space, causing the yoga people to feel nauseous and lose their concentration. Some got headaches and had to flee the building. Even dog owners are upset that their pooches have been tramautized by the “improvements” to the park. Other residents object to the misappropriation of public funds for the benefit of private interests.
11. Does all the recent action at the boarded-up Tim Horton’s mean that it will soon open as a Mr. Shawarma?
– The contract isn’t signed yet but it’ll likely be either a shawarma joint or another drive-thru ca$h business.
12. What is an Eco-bar and what’s it got to do with Bell’s Corners?
– The founder of this AMAZING store will be giving the keynote address at the Sat. Oct. 17 ECO-Fair.
13. What’s the REAL reason Staples is closing on Sept. 13?
14. Do residents like the new turf along the strip?
– The fresh stuff looks good, the slightly older stuff is already looking tatty and by next year the salt and exhaust fumes will complete the transformation to weed strips.
15. Are bargains still available at the Canadian Tire garden centre?
– Yes, there’s still lots left.
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5 Responses to Bells Corners quiz 8

  1. Eldon Gaw says:

    How come, at one time, gas prices in Bells Corners were among the cheapest in the city, and now they are usually among the highest?

    – Maybe it’s Rick’s fault? Or because local gas station owners have to pay an extra BIA tax to cover Alex’s salary and expense account?

  2. Luke Chadwick says:

    I agree with your position on the privileged status of the Catholic schools, but to say those kids are ‘smug’ is a bit of a stretch as it is highly unlikely that they were asked to pose for the photo in the context of the unique funding status that they get.

    I highly doubt that the elected official for Bells Corners has biked very far. How long has he been councillor? Somebody told me his is younger than me (I’m 49) and he has been a councillor since his 20’s.

    – I didn’t truly mean that the kids were smug – they’re not really Catholics or even Canadians. Both the OCSSB and the OCDSB use American stock photos for their taxpayer-funded advertising. And of course I don’t think all Catholics are smug like Rick. But really, can someone please explain to me why it’s fair that ONLY Catholics get special privileges at a cost of over a billion dollars a year in wasted tax dollars?

    Rick’s been a politician since he was in diapers. He first acquired a taste for power and manipulating people as a high school student warrior lobbying for special privileges for Catholics.

  3. Dave says:

    I can’t think of a much dumber idea than that of foisting a one-size-fits-all school system in Ontario. Such ideas have been tried and failed in jurisdictions around the world. We should be focussing on ways to increase, not decrease our choice of schools. This sorry idea comes from the sort of mindset that forced us to merge Nepean into Ottawa to avoid duplication and save money. We all know how that worked out.

    – I agree with you that one-size-fits-all schools are NOT good, but I don’t think having two huge school board bureaucracies (one for the Catholics, one for everybody else) is in the best interest of the parents, the students or the taxpayer.

    In fact I’d like to get rid of school boards altogether and give the school councils (composed of parents, teachers, students, the principal and representatives from the community) some REAL power to improve their own school.

    This would be the very OPPOSITE of a one-size-fits-all school (although the core curriculum would still be defined by the Ministry of Education). Parents could choose their school (as long as they paid for transportation) but most would want their kids to go to their neighbourhood school.

    Imagine if we could spend the billions of tax dollars wasted on bussing and fat-cat bureaucrats in the classroom instead of on duplication of services and empire-building. Or, if you prefer, give the taxpayer a break.

    It’s NOT that we don’t spend enough money on education – we just spend it badly on top-down schools with almost NO decision-making power given to the very people who have the biggest stake in improving the school: parents, students and teachers who labour under the thumb of the self-serving bureaucrats.

    Religious instruction would have to take place outside of the school day. That would be a problem for those who believe that only THEIR religion is worthy of tax subsidies, surely a slap in the face to all non-Catholics.

  4. margaret says:

    I would have no problem with a multi-choice school system IF everyone had equal opportunity to access and also teachers had equal opportunity too.

    religion to me should be in the home and the community outside of school and should not be provided through taxes unless ALL official religions have equal time … if it is looked upon as necessary by the schools/parents etc then that can be handled through the various local ‘churches’ being given time within the school schedule for students … and for those without a ‘religion’ another ethics-type class should be provided

    one school board – there has to be something other than local – can provide alternate schools/programs within each community

  5. Dave says:

    You wrote: “I agree with you that one-size-fits-all schools are NOT good, but I don’t think having two huge school board bureaucracies (one for the Catholics, one for everybody else) is in the best interest of the parents, the students or the taxpayer.

    In fact I’d like to get rid of school boards altogether and give the school councils (composed of parents, teachers, students, the principal and representatives from the community) some REAL power to improve their own school. ”

    I entirely agree with you! We would get a much better education system this way.

    The remaining issue is whether such newly independent community run school should be permitted to have a religious affiliation. This is not an economic issue. It is an issue of what the community wants.

    I observe that the Catholic schools are often oversubscribed as non-Catholic parents wish too see their children educated in schools infused with religious values that reflect the supremacy of God as so clearly stated in the preamble of our Charter of Rights.

    The unfairness in the present system is not that the Catholics have the right to run their own schools; it is that ONLY the Catholics have this right. This is a right that should be extended to other faith groups where numbers warrant.

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