Zellers ghost gone

A Bells Corners painter dolls up the Zellers Bay outlet store – no more ghost image of the old Zellers sign.
Now that the big “OMG! Zellers is reopening!” buzz has died down, the Zeddy marketing team needs another gimmick to fill up that asphalt meadow with cars and consumers.
The councillor, Betty Nukem, Alex and top City managers were on the scene discussing the ongoing problems with the intersection expansion. When I passed nearby on the bike-taxi Betty pointed her ray gun at me. Alex whipped out his camera too, while Rick just looked like he wanted to spit on the ground. Can’t say I blame him.
Alex told me that, contrary to what he had read on this blog, the $3M project WASN’T over budget at all (even though it was supposed to be finished last year).
Both Rick and Alex are up for re-election, so they’ve been campaigning together. I razzed Alex a bit about Lisa and Randall’s poor showing on June 12 and he sent some zingers back my way.
These Bell HS students were waiting for the bus in front of Frank Dinardo’s and the site of the new Scottish park plan Rick will be unveiling before the Oct. 27 election.
The name for the new park hasn’t been chosen yet, but it will have a military theme.
This recent immigrant stopped me for directions – he was looking for the Bells Corners Cooperative Nursery School on Heroic Ave. so I gave him a ride right to the door. He said it was his first time in Bells Corners and marvelled at how peaceful and wonderful everything is.
Mark Kosmos was on hand to watch some “football” at Local Heroes.
My background is Brit/Scottish/Tanzanian so I’ll be cheering on their national teams.
Opening soon! Glad to see the mysterious entrepreneur has installed a couple of picnic tables.
We need more seating on the strip, no?
Clever translation in the Beer Store plaza
The workers inside confirmed the bad news.
The drive-thru ca$h will be opening soon.
Mr. Lube workers took advantage of a break in the action to scrape off the faded yellow lettering on their slogan.
Did they steal it from Rona? Or did Rona steal it from them?
There’s always great stuff happening at the Centennial Library.
It’s always free!
This session for budding entrepreneurs was awesome!
Spotted on Harwick

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