ban the bureaucrats

This friendly officer was cruising around enforcing the City’s lawn bylaw – it’s not how long your grass is, it’s how short the neighbours cut theirs. If your lawn doesn’t “fit in” you can be fined.
This weedy place is a Bells Corners landmark.
Need a hand with your lawn? Some of my neighbours like Fletcher at 261-7493. Somebody put up a flyer on the Lynwood Park community building bulletin board.
Hope he got Jennifer’s approval first – unelected LVCA poo-bahs rip down unauthorized community messages on “their” bulletin board.
A reminder to ALL Bells Corners motorists (police found not guilty)
Can you guess what these guys are doing?
These City workers are doing the same thing.
They’re counting cars and trucks so we know where to build extra traffic lanes.
Rick’s selling more snake oil along Baseline near Bells Corners, where he recently helped his generous developer friends get approval for condo towers of 10, 13 and 16 storeys.
Area residents remain concerned about the height and density of the proposal, as well as the additional traffic it will bring.
Some feel that local community associations, tired of fighting other development battles or under the councillor’s thumb, have “thrown in the towel” – think WECA but even worse.
Pedestrians enjoy strolling our new sidewalks to nowhere.
Dogs like it too!
This Saturday’s garage sale community party at Lynwood Manor looks promising.
The Citizen writes about Hudak’s education plan hindering student learning and that his help-the-rich Conservative platform “relies on fuzzy math from a far right-wing economist.”
lisarandallTuesday, September 24, 2013
If Lisa, Randall and Tim get in the corporate tax rate would drop from 11.5% to 8%. Meanwhile, class sizes would go up, and a yet-unknown number of teachers and early childhood educators would be out of work — teachers’ unions have suggested 19,000 education positions would be slashed.
I’m sure a lot of voters out there, especially those without children, want to punish the teachers, nurses and other fat cats.
But wouldn’t it be better to go after the bureaucrats?
There are four different school boards serving Bells Corners students and busses whiz around all day delivering kids to schools outside of their neighbourhoods. It is a shame that only the Greens are willing to discuss the Catholic school issue.
Tuesday, September 24, 2013
Newfoundland and Quebec have successfully transitioned to a single school board where students of all faiths mingle, so don’t buy Rick’s constitutional snake oil. Eliminating excessive bussing and the obscenely overpaid fat cat OCDSB/OCCSB bureaucrats would save over a billion dollars, money that could be spend in the classroom or refunded to the taxpayer.
The “Progressive” Conservative government brought in public funding of Catholic schools in 1984 as a sop to Catholic voters and recently proposed public funding of whatever religious group (Jewish, Muslim, Baptist, etc.) wants to start its own school. At least that would be fair, but is that what we really want?

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2 Responses to ban the bureaucrats

  1. wanderer says:

    If you click on the “weedy place” link under the photo of the Bells Corners landmark, you’ll find my comment – it applies to the houses just south of there too.

    It’s a darn shame, and I wish more people would email bylaw at or phone 311 to complain. Obviously, Rick doesn’t frequent that part of Bells Corners, so he wouldn’t notice the mess there.

    Please, folks, complain to the city, the bylaw office, even to Rick. Unless you’re on Rick’s friends list the only response will be from the city.

    – Rick is on the record discouraging people from calling bylaw – we’re just a “bunch of complainers” here in Snitch City. Our councillor prefers that you pass through one of his campaigners, preferably Nancy Cairns or Betty Nukem, if you want to get your complaint addressed.

  2. wanderer says:

    Where the heck did the teachers’ union get the number of 19,000 positions held by teachers and early childhood educators to be abolished? I think Hudak’s goal is to cut middle management positions, one of the reasons we have over a million public service workers in the province. I think that’s where some of the fat could be cut.

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