fun daze

Congrats to the Bells Corners non-profit group Trips for Kids for winning the Bruce Timmermans award.
Super Mario would be happy. The Aug. 23-24 Family Fun Rides/Share-the-road events sound fabulous!
TFKO was recognized for introducing youth who would not otherwise have the opportunity to experience mountain biking and the great outdoors through organized outings and after-school events.
The two co-founders of the non-profit group, Cat Weaver and Mario Theoret, also aspired to have their students develop self-esteem and leadership skills along with an appreciation for health and wellness, nature, and community involvement.
Tragically Mario was killed while cycling to work. Cat and the other volunteers rallied from this devastating event and kept Mario’s legacy alive and moving forward. The Bells Corners house that Mario purchased five years ago was inherited by the group and is now the TFKO headquarters.

Mario at the 2010 Lynwood Park Fun Day

2009 Lynwood Park Fun Day
2014 Westcliffe Park Fun Day
Two bouncy castles!
The line-up for eco-friendly Butchery hotdogs and pop was long, but the weather was so nice no one was complaining.
Getting wet was popular!
WECA honchos warned residents that they shouldn’t ride on the bike-taxi.
Rick asked the police to have me removed from the park but they just laughed.
One of Rick’s “staff” dropped in to campaign. Jordan was there too – he’s on Lisa’s payroll now.
Betty Nukem took this shot.
Lisa dropped in long enough to thank Bill and other WECA honchos for their campaign contributions.
The pop and hotdog combo was only a dollar and I think the freezies, timbits and coffee were free courtesy of Tim Horton’s, Rogers, Costco, Consumers Gas, General Dynamics and possibly some other corporate sponsors. Rick might have kicked in something from his $250K-a-year “office budget” – last year he paid for the sno-cones and Alex bought the chicken hotdogs and the balloons. Everything else was free I think, but WECA was pushing hard selling memberships.
Not sure why – last time I had a look at the community association’s books WECA was drowning in cash – controlling access to the community building is a real cash cow for a community association!

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