double-double lanes jammed

Here’s why the double-double drive-thru at the new Timmy’s is closed – the patio area is being dug up because it wasn’t level enough. The almost-new furniture is being discarded.
I saw this plan at Rick’s pseudo-consultation – too bad Tim Horton’s couldn’t have provided more seating and fewer parking spaces.
Here’s why the double-double turning lanes were jammed up at rush hour today.
The damage didn’t look too bad but I guess they were waiting for the police.
No bench? No problem for these ladies. The firecracker man will be back soon for Canada Day in Bells Corners.
Too bad dogs can’t vote – I might be doing better in the polls.
Bike theft isn’t rampant in Bells Corners but it still happens fairly often.
Three kids left these brand new bikes outside of the Dollarama while they went shopping in FreshCo for half an hour.
Unlocked bike outside of the Metro
If you’re leaving your bike somewhere all day you should lock it up securely.
Don’t count on bystanders to intervene if a bike thief goes to work, as they won’t.
Hope you didn’t get your seat swiped today.
A “pro” bike thief can have your bike in seconds.
A $2 cable-lock from the Dollarama is better than nothing.
And while you’re at it spend another couple of bucks on front and rear lights – riding at night without them is both illegal and crazy!

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One Response to double-double lanes jammed

  1. Dave Mc. says:

    You are so right about using lights on your bike at night. I’ve driven down Robertson I don’t know how many times to suddenly pass some bike with no lights and the cyclist foolish enough to be wearing DARK clothes and not even a reflector anywhere. They were practically invisible.
    Common sense, people!

    – This will cost you a couple of bucks at the Dollarama – white for the front, red for the back. No tools needed for installation and you’ll have powerful LED lights that will run for years on the included batteries.

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