horses are coming!

I can’t wait.
The list of exhibitors and fun community activities for this year’s version of the Bells Corners FREE ECO-Fair is growing rapidly.
Live music at Local Heroes.
I had excellent friendly service from the pharmacist at the new Bells Corners Pharmacy.
The Pizza Hut plaza will soon have a complete range of medical services. Bio-Test Labs will be offering x-rays and ultrasound. More doctors’ offices will be opening next to the new drugstore, and a physiotherapist has signed a lease, probably for the Kid Kaf space. And Henry is back!
Grazie! now has WiFi and a waitress who tweets.
An impressive pile of packaging for such a small snack.
CafĂ© Arome fans eagerly wait Jeremy’s return.
No shortage of cigarette butts here!
There’s no garbage can and often lots of litter.
The friendly people at the Canadian Tire garden centre are gearing up for another great season.
I wonder who cleaned up the graffiti at the abandoned Shell station.
What’s cooking here?
A new garage for this Lynwood Village home.
The new pharmacy features the same attractive “stonework” found in the Tim Hortons.
Cycling map at Timmy’s
Vintage electrical bike
Ancient technology compared to the new electrical-assist bikes on the market, but it still does the job!
Business is still good at Videoflicks despite the proliferation of video-dispensing boxes in Bells Corners.
Sun. May 11 this year
An automatic sprinkler system keeps that patch of grass looking good.
Old City of Nepean infrastructure needs costly repairs.
That’s one heck of a big pipe!
Parts of the new equestrian park will open soon.
Eventually there will be eight premium full-sized grass sports fields, a new forest school, organic farming, a new home for the royal swans, improved trails, multiple yurts and, of course, LOTS of horses!

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2 Responses to horses are coming!

  1. VFox says:

    I’m so looking forward to all the updates at the Equestrian Park and Campground! Even heard they’ll be putting in a small lake and updating the trails. Courtesy of a company Terry Matthews, a local Ottawa Angel, is involved with.

    Now if only the city would step up to the plate and install clear street signs on my street.

    At one entrance, we have an old mangled sign that’s falling over and the other street entrance has no street sign whatsoever.

    You cannot possibly know how bad a homeowner can feel when they need to walk to the end of the street and flag down their visitors and contractors. Or to have people google the address but still drive around in circles because the city cannot be bothered installing proper street signs!

    I’m over on Lovell Lane. I dare people to try to find it without Google Maps.

    – A City sign crew replaced the speed limit sign the other day in front of my house. The old sign seemed fine – maybe they should have been focussing on Lovell Lane instead!
    I also spotted them working on a sign near the Beer Store plaza designed to to discourage cut-through traffic. It was a rare heritage WOODEN sign (very few of them are left) that had mysteriously failed.

    Here’s what I see on Googlemaps – not sure why Andre Kennedy and Bill Ferguson are on the map.

  2. Fran Harrington says:

    Who’s Henry? Glad about the equestrian park renewal as well.

    Wish the city would fill in the great big gash on Elmsley Crescent where you show the construction/infrastructure repair. It could really do some damage to cars. Hope someone who can do something about this will get things moving. By the time I’ve spent even 20 minutes on the roads in Bells Corners, I have a headache and my back is killing me.

    – Henry’s the beloved barber who has reopened his place in the Pizza Hut plaza.
    That repair is at Longwood/Ridgefield, not on Elmsley. No need for speed humps in Lynwood Village – anyone driving over 40 km/h on our wavy potholed streets will be soon heading to Adrian for repairs!

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