Scots in Crimea

The Scottish & Irish store was a busy place last Sunday: Scots, Irish, Kiwis, Aussies, Limeys and those just looking for a good browse or a marmite fix.
A huge poster of a battle scene greets the visitor – a thin red line of Scots defeating the Russians in the Crimean War, 1854, shortly before the Bells Corners Cameron Highlanders appeared on the scene.
Camerons patrolling Lynwood Village
Camerons at the Bells Corners Legion
Other stores in the Westcliffe plaza were open for Sunday shopping.
Job offer
Milan Michalek at the Out-of-the-Box store
Community Mail Box/bulletin board in Westcliffe
Hammill Court babysitter
Only half a flag left
March 18, 2014 – fantastic ice at Westcliffe!
Suivez, pelle en main =
Stoop and scoop
Sneak preview of the new Zellers/Bay outlet
Stopped on the strip
No tenants yet
Call Montreal if you want to buy the land.
Canadian Tire touchscreen
Live music at the Bohemian Kitchen
Outdoor signage tips

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2 Responses to Scots in Crimea

  1. wanderer says:

    Groan………….I can hardly wait for those community mailboxes. NOT. When are they supposed to appear in Lynwood?
    Canadian Tire is going upscale? It was sure a tired looking store.

    – It might be a few more years until home delivery ends throughout Bells Corners but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it as early as next year.

    7,900 addresses in Kanata (postal codes starting with K2K, K2L, K2M) are the first in Ottawa to lose home delivery – they were chosen because, according to a letter from Canada Post delivered to a Kanata address, “several neighbourhoods in your area already have mail delivered to community mailboxes. The operational structure that is required to deliver to community mailboxes already exists in your community. This makes your neighbourhood one of the most suitable for efficient early conversion.”

    • margaret says:

      and with that criteria … BC could be next !
      we have enough multi-residentials (apartments, seniors, condo etc ) that would be easy fits and enough intersections and long enough driveways etc

      we already have the super mail box (since 1989) so it won’t affect us (that’s ours in the pic above) and in a way it could be a community benefit to allow for posters etc but they have NEVER listened and set up bulletin boards in the areas where the mail boxes are

      the super-duper -multi-multi-under-cover boxes (one in Stittsville I know of) have bulletin boards for postings … apparently we are not meant to post on these single stand-alone boxes but people do … and why not

      and CP has never listened to the request for garbage bins either … many people put their own out … except they then get poop-scoopers dropping their stuff in them too

      the other day in Priam Park (Westcliffe) there was a poop bag on the park bench … the dog owner HAD to pass a garbage bin to get out of the park … the dog owners are also asked to take said poop bags home to dispose of them – many don’t as see by the other pics.

      – I think that seniors’ residences and apartments won’t get CMBs – they’ll just keep the existing system.

      It’s funny that some bins in Ottawa parks have signs saying that dumping poop bags is not allowed (e.g. Lynwood Park) while in others (e.g. the park in Kanata where I walk my mom’s chihuahua) there are no signs and bins are emptied on a regular basis.

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