Scots can relax

The Marmite scare is over, but not before it brought the Bells Corners Scottish and Irish store some lucrative publicity.
Businesses in the forlorn Westcliffe plaza need all the publicity they can get!
The Lynwood semi-private community association hosted a well-publicized taxpayer-funded cool winter carnival last year, but with the departure of president Ron nothing has been planned for this year.
Bells Corners winter carnival fans can check out the Sun. Jan. 26 Crystal Beach/Lakeview event, 11-3 at Maki Park.
Activities include sleigh rides ($1/ride, 11-1) and a Juggling, Magic, Tricks & Fun Show, presented by Busker Birthdays (no cost, 1-2). Nepean Scouts have organized outdoor games, a bake sale, and a lollipop tree.
Nepean Venturers will run a canteen. Girl Guides will be running a cake auction. They’re hoping to have a fire truck and police car on site in the morning.
Westcliffe will host its winter pancake day Feb. 16.
Winter street parking is a contentious issue, especially in the car-dependent suburbs.
According to a local councillor, suburban life is about two vehicles minimum, so council is about to let surburbanites pave over their front lawns (NOT Bells Corners residents – we’re considered to be inside the Greenbelt, so Rick won’t be able to pave his lawn for his second taxpayer-funded vehicle).
BIA honchos Alex and Jim were delighted that their Conservative heroes were in Bells Corners to promote right wing values and rouse the rabble – Hudak delivered an anti-union stump speech in Jim’s store while Lisa, Randall and Alex looked on fawningly.

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3 Responses to Scots can relax

  1. wanderer says:

    Has anyone done a count on the number of vacant business spots on our main drag (including Northside Road)? Miki’s Pizza restaurant is one of only two businesses left in the Northside plaza – Cottage Care is said to be in bankruptcy. I’ve only been gone two weeks and it seems the main drag is getting more and more tawdry and desolate.

  2. margaret says:

    why do you assume it would be just the Scots that would miss their marmite ?
    I can assure you that many of those from south of ‘that’ border would also have a worry if marmite was off the shelf – it was first made in the Midlands …. the English producers even went to the trouble of coming up with a new marmite flavour, when England beat arch-rivals Australia for the Ashes (cricket). It was sold in the shape of a cricket ball ….
    fortunately I always get restocked when I visit the UK … have to put it on my shopping list

  3. Jonathon says:

    Wanderer, you’re not alone! I just recently came back to Ottawa and Bells Corners after being away for three years and I was shocked by the deterioration of the main strip. Those god-awful donations bins sure do not help. I think I saw 15 the other day.

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