game on!

The Westcliffe rink was flooded again last night.
Here are a few of the many skaters who have enjoyed the excellent rink conditions at Westcliffe the past three days.
You can borrow sticks and pucks and there’s ALWAYS a goalie on duty.
Jim and Rick see no problem with taking corporate and union donations during municipal election campaigns, but a Citizen editorial Taking big money out of politics disagrees.
Columnist Joanne Chianello blasted Watson’s inconsistency over integrity issues: “the new integrity rules ushered in under Watson’s leadership no longer allow councillors to ask developers to sponsor charitable golf tournaments. And yet councillors running for re-election can still ask developers for money for their own campaigns?”
Bells Corners open Facebook groups Bells Corners Rocks! and Lynwood Kids!!!
The Nepean Trail links Bells Corners to the Experimental Farm – finally it looks like some of the missing links will be completed.

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2 Responses to game on!

  1. Jimbo says:

    Let’s be honest folks, Bell’s Corners was a vibrant destination to shop/eat/browse back in the 70s and 80s. The super malls, Walmart and the Bayshore revamp have changed all that – street shopping has pretty well been relegated to where it is today. Can we say Sparks Street?

    Never mind all the little mom & pop businesses, all the crappy signage and empty storefronts.

    All of this combined paints a picture of an area most people will not head to. I have lived in the Lynwood/Bell’s Corners area over 25 years. Sadly to say it has slowly evolved into a hodgepodge of a mess. Just my opinion………. Jim

  2. Dave Mc. says:

    Got a Zoning By-Law Amendment Proposal letter in the mail dated the 16th because I’m within a 120m radius “of the lands subject to this proposal.”
    Apparently someone wants to use the existing buildings at (I think, looking at the map) both the former GM and Volks dealerships and build an auto collision center. An odd proposal I thought, seeing as Graham Nissan expanded their collision center not all that long ago.
    – There’s also Concordia Collision near Adrian’s Garage.

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