ice kings

Doug and Allan are the ice kings at the Westcliffe outdoor rink. They gambled by starting very early (in late November!) but it has has paid off with some FANTASTIC conditions for local skaters.
Their rink was up and running on Dec. 11, maybe the first one in the entire city! It was also one of the last rinks to close last year.
Ice conditions on Dec. 14 were AWESOME, much to the delight of these local teens.
Here’s the site of the new Westcliffe puddle rink.
This father/son duo took full advantage of the excellent conditions.
NHL All Star Hockey
The canal could also open early this year, before New Year’s.
Last year the skating season on the canal only began on Jan. 18, and there were but 38 skating days.
Two years ago the canal was only open for skating for 28 days, one of the worst skating seasons in a decade.
The last time the canal opened before New Year’s Eve was in 2004.
The Lynwood rinks are also off to a good start this year – the puddle rink is HUGE.

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2 Responses to ice kings

  1. wanderer says:

    We can see the rink from our kitchen window, and it’s great to see the skaters, as well as the men who make the ice what it is. Good job!

  2. Westcliffe ice kings says:

    Allan and Doug have put in l-o-n-g hours working on the fabulous Westcliffe rinks. This year’s crashed-ice course will be even better than last year’s!

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