community meeting

The Lynwood Village Community Association holds its annual (and only) public meeting on Wed. Dec. 4 at 7 p.m. in the community building at 7 Sycamore.
Everyone is welcome, and if you live east of Moodie and south of Robertson you’re allowed to vote in an election, unless, according to the secret LVCA bylaws, you live in “the area known as Arbeatha Park.” What fun!
Here’s the agenda:
The election of a new five-person executive may just be an exercise in rubber-stamping an already prearranged slate. The bylaws call for the meeting to be widely advertised in the community and a nomination committee is supposed to solicit candidates for the board, but neither has been done.
Lynwood Map
Last year the LVCA put up two recycled Liberal election signs near Lynwood Park and a half-dozen small notices were tacked to utility poles. Is it any wonder than only friends and family of executive members showed up for the “community-wide” meeting?
This year’s meeting is even more secret, as the empty LVCA official bulletin board outside the community building attests. Come and see what democracy looks like at the neighbourhood level – find out what’s in store for Bells Corners in the coming years. Come to be informed and entertained by special guests, but stay to vote.

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One Response to community meeting

  1. wanderer says:

    We’ll try to be there – hope that the turnout is good, despite the freezing rain warning. Somehow, we have to take back our community association!

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