election heartbreak for somebody

Polls are often wrong, but the latest one says that the the Liberals lead strongly in two out of the four by-elections and have a growing lead in a third. The Conservatives are well ahead in a fourth. So anything else would cause someone’s stock to go down.

Care to predict who’ll be crying the blues tomorrow?
Stephen? Two months ago a poll put the Conservatives at 32%, the Liberals at 31% and the NDP 26%, but a lot has happened since then.
Hope you enjoyed the first Bells Corners snowstorm of the season yesterday – it was magical on the Stony Swamp trails, but slippy on the roads.
The 416 near BC was particularly bad.
With snow on the ground and chilly weather you start to smell outdoor hockey. The season would be way longer if we had a roof like this park in Toronto. A permanent pad would be nice too, but only a few neighbourhoods in Ottawa are lucky enough to have one.
The BIA’s predecessor, the “Bells Corners Development Committee,” called for the NCC to “release” the agricultural lands in the BC Greenbelt for “industrial, commercial and/or residential development.”
Wish I could be a fly on the wall at the upcoming BIA meeting to find out what they’re cooking up, but residents and the media aren’t invited unless they’re insiders. Hope the “hand-delivered invitations” go to EVERYONE this time – Team Chiarelli has had big problems with this in the past.
Wonder who’ll win the BIA elections? Wonder who’s running? The venerable LVCA will be holding its elections soon too. Here’s something from the archives:

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3 Responses to election heartbreak for somebody

  1. ottawaowl says:

    So I put up a Stephen/Justin/Tom poll for Bells Corners residents and it’s immediately retweeted a dozen times. And it’s shared on Facebook fifty times in two minutes. What’s with that?

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