deep pockets

Amazingly, it’s true! The recently erected silver light standards on Robertson are only temporary – they’ll be replaced with black ones in an attempt to “brand” the Timmys-to-Holiday-Inn part of the strip.
Black poles are more expensive, so the decision to use them boosts the cost by $12,000 ($400 per pole x 30 poles) plus whatever it costs to come in and replace the huge light standards already in place. The BIA made a token contribution, but the brunt of the extra costs will be borne by the “deep pockets” of the municipal taxpayer.
Moodie Drive will get the cheaper standard silver poles, so it’ll still be a mishmash of black and silver.
Lots of asphalt poured on the strip today.
They even called in the heavy artillery.
The sidewalk continues through the car entrance/exit at the Canadian Tire. It’ll be flush with the roadway – nothing to slow down a speeding car, but having the visual cue that it’s a pedestrian area is better than just asphalting over the entire shared-use space.
The other sidewalks that pass over busy commercial entrances will get the same treatment.
There are often lots of people waiting for the bus in front of Timmys – wonder if they’ll get some seating and some sort of shelter.
It seems odd to have a welcoming door on the street without a handle.
Looks like a bus shelter will go on this pad. Past this point the sidewalk narrows back down to its usual ungenerous width.
No more of that shoddy interlock – grass (soon to become weeds) is cheaper.
Want to buy the old Shell property? It’s yours for only $600K. Buy the house next door on Stinson for another $600K and you’ve got a nice place to build some affordable condos with retail on the lower level.
But you better have an extra million in your pocket to pay for cleaning up the toxic sludge underneath.
If your pockets are that deep why not go for this chunk of land? It’s a bargain at $4.5M.
Rick got roasted over the coals in the Nepean-Barrhaven News for his anti-student, increased red-tape push to have extra inspections and permits for homeowners near Algonquin College. The editorial called it “a move to create a second class of people in our city: renters” and “divisive and small-minded.”
Anybody go to school here?
Recognize this place to shop?

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5 Responses to deep pockets

  1. Rosemary Jones says:

    Check out the new renovations at Mac’s Milk…such nice people work there!

  2. wanderer says:

    The price for Adrian’s place was originally $800,000 – dropped to $600,000? If the wee house and property behind it on Stinson is also $600,000, then I presume my house must be close to $900,000 or more – I wish!

    Is that last picture of the new Bayshore addition? Haven’t been there for a while – guess some Christmas shopping is in order by now.

    – The Bayshore photo is from a l-o-n-g time ago – it’s been renovated several times since then.

    • t lamos says:

      Fond memories of Bayshore Shopping Center from the late 70’s early 80’s when it was only 2 stories tall and was in Nepean. I used to work the graveyard shift at the Bayshore Petro-Can in those days to help put me through college.

      One evening on the job I called Nepean Police and a cheerful constable named David Utman attended the gas station. He was the consummate professional and a nice guy to boot with a great sense of humor! A few weeks later I was horrified to learn he was murdered at the shopping center by a cowardly thief. Just my way of saying thanks to a fallen angel.

  3. wanderer says:

    BTW – who voted for the black poles? I seem to remember that the majority wanted the silver poles – but then, who listens to the residents of Bells Corners anyway? Not the powers that be, that’s for sure! RC, as usual, is not to be heard from, to push for what the majority of ‘his constituents’ voted for, when his connections with contractors would have resulted in the saving of $12,000, plus the cost of removing the temporary, perfectly good silver poles already in place.

    But, who cares, certainly not RC!

  4. Gord says:

    Just thought I should mention that Cst. Erfle and Easey were also both shot at Bayshore Mall.

    Here’s what it says on Wikipedia:

    14 October 1983: David Utman, a Nepean policeman, was shot to death at the mall by a convict. Peter Michael Collins was handed a life sentence in 1984 for first-degree murder, with the possibility of parole after 25 years. Collins apparently said “Your time is up” before shooting the officer.

    1 September 1984: Cst. Ralph Erfle and Cst. Robin Easey were shot after interrupting an attempted robbery involving a Brinks truck delivery to the mall’s Toronto-Dominion Bank branch. Of the five criminals involved, four were captured and sentenced, the other was shot and killed at the scene. Easey was paralyzed after the incident.

    Bayshore Shopping Centre was in the news yesterday – maybe the parking nightmare could spell higher sales for struggling Bells Corners businesses?

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