Rick Ford

The Liquid Gym contacted me to say that they weren’t wild about being associated with Rob Ford and asked me to put up the real photo. They have a point, so here it is:
By way of apology I’ll include another photo, completely undoctored, of Rick.
The Liquid Gym’s opening was delayed multiple times because of difficulties getting all the necessary approvals and inspections – if the Rick/Alex duo hadn’t thrown their weight around, says the Liquid Gym, it would have taken even longer, so it’s only fair that Rick and Alex get a juicy photo op. But is it fair to compare Rick to Rob Ford?
Both appear to have been caught lying and conniving; neither deserves to be reelected.
Many agree.
The $3M intersection expansion was supposed to be finished by today, but the new target is the first week of December.
aphalt2 One of the Coco boys told me that the delay has been caused by a combination of little things, like waiting for someone to remove hydro poles that were smack in the middle of the new sidewalks, dealing with complaining “activists” and other niggles and snafus.
He also informed me that the new TALL silver light standards will be replaced with black ones before too long – the silver poles just went up because there weren’t any black ones “in stock.” Doesn’t that seem crazy? Redoing work that has just been done? All those extra costs because 11 people on the semi-private WECA Facebook site chose black?
He said that the four decorative black lights cost the taxpayer about $16,000 and serve no useful purpose – they’re just “lipstick on a pig.”
Recognize this Bells Corners location?
These workers were installing metal strips at the new mosque.
The mosque community is using the old Nepean pay-as-you-go philosophy, so there’s no projected opening date.
Here’s a sneak peek at the inside.
The front entrance is wheelchair accessible – I’d maybe take this route myself, as the stairs are steep.
If you have a sweet tooth here’s the best place in BC to indulge it – Louise’s Belgian Chocolates in the Westcliffe plaza.
They also sell pastries and cakes and the Christmas display in the window is pretty cool.
This house on Ariel Court is ready for Santa.
These folks on Oberon have an original way of decorating.
Warning! If you’re worried about spending too much time on Facebook DON’T visit this group.
I stumbled upon the Lynwood Kids!!! site when I was poking around the increasingly popular Bells Corners Rocks! and I didn’t escape for an hour – so many fascinating photos, so much intriguing info! For example:
An aerial photo of Bell HS
An aerial photo of Bellwood
A different look at the Lynwood Village part of the strip
Many old photos like this one of long-retired firefighters
$20M for a thousand homes!
Remember the Purple Cow?

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