Some Bells Corners residents are riled that their Bells Corners community Facebook posts are being deleted by the unelected pooh-bahs of the Westcliffe Estates Community Association.
I’m NOT a very popular guy with WECA bigwigs because of my blog and because of criticisms I’ve made in the past about the way WECA is run (especially the rink until Doug & Allan became involved) – I don’t think “corruption” is too strong a word to use.
Community associations are the bottom rung of our democratic system – they should be transparent and accountable, especially when it comes to spending tax dollars. No one in a position of trust should be allowed to profit personally from being on the executive or serving as a politician’s agent, especially one as unpopular in Bells Corners as Rick Chiarelli. A REAL community association is transparent and accountable, not secretive and conniving, with all financial data and minutes available online.
The Westcliffe plaza, hit hard by the departure of Lapointe’s and Harmony Flowers has finally attracted a new tenant.
Hockey fans and gamers will be delighted.
The local owners (695-6682) have roots in Bells Corners and expect to draw people from all over the city to meet and play with fellow gamers.
L.A. Nails in the Pizza Hut Bio-test Labs plaza is now Vivy Nails.
My nails are good, but if yours need attention the new owner offers a discount of 20% until Nov. 15 (13% for the rest of the month).
Tired of heading to Kanata or Britannia to get your blood tested? Bio-test opens Nov. 25 at 7:30 a.m.
The new restaurant next door is on track – looks like it’ll be called “Flavours.”
Here are some other suggestions for the weekend:
Anglican church
Catholic church
The United sect is on board too!

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2 Responses to censored!

  1. wanderer says:

    I find it very disturbing that the ‘pooh-bahs’ of the WECA are able to have posts on the Bells Corners Facebook deleted. If this is our Facebook site, what right do they have to delete any of the posts? There is something going on here, and it’s not funny at all.

    What can be done about this? It can’t be legal, that’s for sure. Who would be responsible for such an act?

    – The WECA executive set up the Facebook site in question, so it’s entirely legal for them to delete whatever they want or ban whomever they like. So far I think I’m the only person who has been banned on the WECA site (and on the LVCA site) but others have had their posts arbitrarily deleted.

    When someone posted on the WECA Facebook site with a link to my blog post plugging the Kindness Fair it was deleted without explanation, which led to the creation of an independent uncensored Bells Corners community Facebook site that is already more popular than the censored WECA site.
    Bells Corners Rocks! https://www.facebook.com/groups/205035749675035/

    • retrogamerbear says:

      I find I get all my BC info from this blog and the Bells Corners Rocks group and don’t think I’ve ever seen useful information on the WECA FB pages or website, so I decided to leave that group.

      Keep up the great work on this site – I find all the information you post here is exactly the kind of information I’d be searching for on my own, and often is the topic of debate in the neighbourhood.

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