“can’t frigging wait!”

Doug and Allan are looking after the Westcliffe outdoor rink again – they did a FANTASTIC job last year, both in terms of ice conditions and keeping the change rooms open and properly supervised.
Finally, some good news for Lynwood Park skaters – after three disappointing years of contracting out the rink to non-residents, the LVCA has finally found someone from the community to sign the $4700 maintenance and supervision contract with the city.
With local involvement the Lynwood rink has a chance to rebuild its reputation as one of the best-run outdoor rinks in the city.
The rink leader, local artist Stephen Sammon, is the same guy who did the mural at Dinardo’s.
Ghost bikes to remember a Bells Corners hero?
The colour of the new light standards on the strip is a hot topic on the Bells Corners Rocks! Facebook site.
Is silver sleek or tacky? Is black classy or ugly? Why were the consultation results ignored? Did we REALLY just get Stittsville leftovers?
The huge changes coming to postal delivery in Bells Corners won’t have their full impact until 2015, but already stress is mounting on our local workers, who face forced overtime, loss of day shifts, longer routes, and a host of other problems.
Bollards like these could slow down speeding traffic on Westcliffe Drive after it’s repaved. They’re used all over the place in Montreal on overly wide streets that encourage speeding. We’ve had A LOT of pedestrian accidents lately but Rick just shrugged and passed the buck to city staff.
Some want extra stop signs at Oberon/Westcliffe, but inexpensive hinged bollards should also be considered for dangerous areas like the Westcliffe hill and Centrepointe Drive.
Correction – I said that only Peter D. Clark got a lower mark than Rick on the Sun’s politicians report card – I forgot about his buddy Keith Egli.
Rick and Alex were at the grand opening of the Liquid Gym, taking credit where no credit was due.

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