Bells Corners plaid

Bells Corners was well represented in the 2013 plaid parade. (photo by the awesome Hans)
It started at “City Centre” (under the amazing Richmond/Wellington/Somerset bridge). It’s a strange place with lots of hip shops.
Everyone sported some plaid.
Why? Just for the fun of it really – see if you can watch this video and not smile. Here is this year’s unofficial video and the CTV clip.
The cyclists met outside the Art-is-in Bakery.
Some rode the amazing Right Bike community bike-share bikes. They hope to expand the network next year and eventually reach Bells Corners.
The new bike path beside the O-Train connects the Ottawa River pathway to the Dow’s Lake area.
Here’s another homemade machine from the workshop of the Bells Corners bike-taxi creator.
The parade ended in the Parkdale Market.
Heading back to Bells Corners I gave these tourists a ride through Westboro.
Approaching Bells Corners you pass the Bell family residence.
I’m guessing that the Bell kids went to school in this nearby schoolhouse.
It’s been converted to condos.
The Bells Corners Spa, which used to be a church, was also built in the 19th century.
How things have changed!
Local community activist/WECA bigwig Catherine Gardner is doing a good job of holding the Coco boys’ feet to the fire by getting some good ink in the Sun. A lot of the contributions to the readers’ comments section are pretty rude and lowbrow, about what you’d expect to see in a Pierre Karl Péladeau tabloid.
I sympathize with the workers too – it doesn’t seem realistic to expect that “all of the work should be done at the same time.” Wouldn’t it drive up costs even more? Is it even possible? Rick passed the buck to staff and they said it wasn’t. So who do you believe?
Everyone is being inconvenienced (and worse!) by Rick’s wasteful road-widening project: motorists, wheelchair people, pedestrians, old folk, parents with strollers, cyclists, small business people.
Is it worth it? $3M is a heck of a lot of money to increase cut-through traffic from Kanata and Stittsville suburban sprawl and entice Sens fans and DND workers into spending some money on the strip.
Ordinary residents don’t have access to all of the information, so all we can do is provide a gut reaction.

I guess cut-through commuters and DND people like it, but not all residents are convinced.


Looks like ugly black was chosen in spite of this community pseudo-consultation.
This blog hit 300,000 views today.
Thanks for reading!

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6 Responses to Bells Corners plaid

  1. wanderer says:

    Reading the Sun today, I noticed that Ron Corbett’s interview with RC really didn’t give us any answers to his questions. RC replied ‘I forget the actual reason’ as to why no thought is given to pedestrians and people with accessibility needs. So he didn’t even try to answer to Ron’s questions – Ron is usually more adamant and I would have expected him to insist that RC get the reasons and be able to give him the answers to both questions.

    Again, ‘I forget the reason’ about not coordinating with hydro, so as not to have to rip up the road again when the poles have to be moved – I want to know WHY! RC is way too complacent, responding that they’ll have to rip up the street again to put in bike lanes! He’s the worst councillor that we could ever have to represent BC. He’s too amiable by far, and has no guts to go to bat for us – takes the easy way out, and it just makes me madder than hell.

    After the fiasco about renaming Richmond Road because of alleged problems with ‘wayfinding’ for fire and ambulance (no problems had ever, to my knowledge, been presented by either), I lost all confidence in him.

  2. ottawaowl says:

    It was nice to see a plug for the bike-taxi and this blog in the Citizen.

  3. Jimbo says:

    Wow, what was with all those big bangs Wed. morning? Sounded like gun shots or a bunch of renegade duck hunters – sure was noisy!

  4. onewheeldrive says:

    Will there be a Halloweenish Bells Corners Plaid Parade this year? Yes!


    I love a parade!

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