Rick walks the plank?

It’s time to harvest the Bells Corners corn.
The kernels await transport to a food processing plant in Cardinal for transformation into nasty high-fructose corn syrup. You can see the bomb threat and white powder lockdown buildings in the background.
Here’s a look from the graffiti cycling bridge.
Fill ‘er up!
The farmer lives in Stittsville – he’s been renting this field from the NCC for a long time. Next year he’ll be planting soybeans here.
The Coco boys were working hard on the sidewalk.
They tell me that they’ve enjoyed their time in Bells Corners – many are fans of this blog.
The Canadian Tire Grand Opening Re-opening (both names are inaccurate because it never closed) continues this weekend. The boss has cancelled all leave – all hands will be on deck for your shopping pleasure.
Much as I love Bells Corners, I sometimes pilot the bike-taxi downtown for some extra fun, like tonight’s Critical Mass Halloween parade.
These ladies on Elgin St. were giving out FREE chocolate.
I dropped these passengers off at a Halloween party at the Museum of Nature.
This guy wants to make Rick walk the plank. Arrrrr!
If you watch this video you’ll know why I’m excited about participating in Sunday’s Plaid Parade.

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2 Responses to Rick walks the plank?

  1. CanadianTired says:

  2. ottawaowl says:

    Harvesting Bells Corners corn and Halloween bike parades.

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