Xmas coming

Halloween’s not over yet, but already there are signs of Xmas.
You can buy your tree at tomorrow’s Canadian Tire Grand Re-opening.
CT has installed new bike racks to supplement the old Hooters’ rack.
The new benches, a hot topic of discussion on the upstart uncensored Bells Corners Rocks! Facebook site, aren’t just for old folk – skaters like them too!
These cyclists didn’t need a bench to relax.
Only a select few knew about the public meeting to unveil the plans for the Baseline Condo/Apartment Towers. Here’s the guy from Fotenn (a generous contributor to the councillor’s electoral war chest) outlining what Brigil gets to build.
Many local residents think that this project is poorly planned and will hurt the community in many ways.
But the councillor was there to claim that things would have been even worse if he, Jay and Nancy hadn’t fought so hard to wring concessions from the developer. Pshaw!
Rick dangles the carrot of a new food store in the tower closest to Baseline (if a tenant can be found).
Over 500 “upscale” two-bedroom apartments at maybe $1400 a month each – sounds profitable to me.
Rubber-stamping by Rick and Jim at council is in the bag, so construction could start as soon as next year and is expected to continue for a decade.
The bike-taxi is equipped with blankets and umbrellas to maximize passenger comfort.
Starbucks might have stored their patio furniture somewhere else while the renovations are being done.
There’s room for a single pedestrian.
It’s a bit tight for a pair of peds, and if you’ve got a wide stroller/walker/bike-taxi – forget it!
another place to get your free flu shot
Spiffy new light at the road-widening intersection – will pear trees be planted next?
The new pedestrian island is tiny compared to the old one.
At least it’s not as stingy as this one at the scene of the death of the Bells Corners hero. It’s barely big enough for a bike, so a family of four sure wouldn’t fit here!
Eight hours after Mario was run over by a truck driver this silliness was filmed.

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