Did you know…?

* that the BC FREE Kindness Fair takes place on Sat. Oct. 19?
* that YOU are on Rick’s secret CIMS database of friends and enemies? It includes where you live, how you voted, what you had for breakfast, and many more intimate details – reams of data on your identity as a consumer/voter that Rick can use to get re-elected.
The Harper government is getting all the credit for innovations in sordid Big Brother democracy, but the world’s longest self-serving career politician pioneered this sleazy electoral tactic.
* that, in addition to the $250,000-a-year slush fund he uses to promote himself and reward his friends, Rick also has an extra $442,889 for park-schmoozing?
No need to consult the taxpayer – he can use our tax dollars to rename parks for his political buddies, give away vote-for-Rick balloons and free hot dogs, and upgrade parks in Rick-friendly neighbourhoods. Watch for an orgy of spending announcements just before next year’s election.
* that Louise’s Belgian Chocolates in the Westcliffe mall has been recognized as one of Bells Corners’ best businesses?
* that this is NOT a Lynwood Manor crime scene? I think it’s just someone getting an early start on Halloween decorations.
* that the fire station and the McDonalds aren’t the only institutions getting new sidewalks?
* that this FREE basketball equipment is in good shape? It’s to be found on Tanglewood across from Williams Park – haul it away before Thursday Garbage Day to keep it out of the landfill.
* that one of the stunning homes beside the controversial fence is for sale?
* that Canadian Tire is girding its loins and renovating to meet the Target challenge?
* that this area will become more dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists once the $3M boondoggle is completed?
* that Rick may soon be moving into this million-dollar home on Sycamore? He’s currently out shopping.

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