back to school

Soon the schoolyard at Bells Corners P.S. will be teeming with students.
The different schools compete for warm bodies – more students equals more money for the school budget. Did the Catholic board get a leg up on the public board by investing in the temporary sign that sat in front of Our Lady of Peace all summer?
The latest standardized test results are out – province-wide, the news is good for literacy but BAD for math. Individual school scores for Bells Corners primary, middle and high schools (Bell, St. Paul, Franco-ouest) will be released soon.
The Big Bike was spotted behind the Ottawa-Kanata Bells Corners Best Western.
Hey! Advertising a private business in a public park? Is that allowed?
It’s okay with me if it’s temporary and conveys an educational message about the dangers of dooring.
This basketball player from New Jersey gave it three thumbs up.
He and his buddy have been shooting hoops in the renamed City park next to Bell High since they were knee-high to a grasshopper.
The Thai Flame was a busy place tonight. When I swung by, three departing diners lauded the food and the service. They had driven to Bells Corners from Hunt Club and Greenbank on the strength of the rave review in the Citizen, and they weren’t disappointed.
Trini Caribbean Delights is another small business that is doing well – they can’t keep up with the demand for aloo pies and doubles and are currently hiring. People are streaming into our community for something they can’t find anywhere else in Ottawa. Small independents are Bells Corners’ best businesses – nobody will come to BC for the big chains, which they can find anywhere.
We could use a touch of the Westboro vibe in BC.
The Brew Table is still holding its own despite the construction on the strip, thanks to the great flowers on the patio.
Here’s a look from another angle.
On the another hand, I’m not crazy about the new mural – too much product placement.
They painted over the old mural as part of the extensive renovations.
The old one was more interesting.
Many considered it Bells Corners’ second-best mural.
They’re STILL working away sprucing up the Giant Tiger plaza – nice work, guys!
Mystery bricks! Recognize them? answer tomorrow Westside Mario’s
A huge crane dropped two large pools into the Liquid Gym through a hole in the roof – the complicated operation went swimmingly.
A localized tornado recently damaged these house on Moodie across from the United Church.
Bells Corners needs more housing, not more roads – one extra million-dollar home on Sycamore is not going to make much of a difference, the Northside condos seemed to have hit a roadblock, and nothing much is happening at Vox site. Time to intensify the asphalt meadows and the failing strip malls, and let’s throw in a complete street for good measure.

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