it’s the Pitts! 2

Before I give you the latest twist in the Mary Pitt fiasco I’ll dish up the scoop on why traffic was so bad in Bells Corners today.
The 416 was blocked in both directions during morning rush hour.
The installation of the high-pressure gas pipeline on Hunt Club through Stony Swamp made the traffic nightmare even worse.
Throw Rick’s foolish intersection expansion into the mix and you’ve got a LOT of road rage.
Why was the 416 blocked for hours by a team of 60-70 first responders? If you look closely, the above photo tells the story.
Mary Pitt got her booby prize today – here she poses with wheeler-dealer Jim Durrell, who probably wants something more grandiose than an arena named for him now that Mary’s been upgraded to a leased City building.
Journalists grilled Jim after the flawed decisions to promote Pitt and screw the Senators yet again.
The mayor seemed unusually subdued and deflated – he’s not used to losing face and the worst is yet to come. Even Jim’s closest Liberal councillors called Jim’s handling of the Casino file “flawed” and “a mess.”
David Reevely, who, along with Eric Darwin, blew the whistle on Nepean politicians and their “we’re debt-free” dishonesty, called it “a big crack in Watson’s shell of political invulnerability.”
Was opposition to Pitt Park racist because Pitt is of Polish descent and Ricci has Italian roots? Sexist because Pitt’s a woman?
Or was it because many taxpayers feel that politicians shouldn’t be wasting so much time and money rewarding each other, especially when the community is opposed?
Aren’t self-congratulating politicians, with their lavish salaries, bloated pensions and much-abused expense accounts already very richly rewarded for doing their jobs?
I’m not against naming things after politicians, but only if they’re truly significant, and only posthumously. Listen to the CBC radio interview and Pitt’s arguments as to why she deserves a better honour than she already had, and try not to cringe at what she says. Mike Duffy, Mac Harb, Pamela Wallin, Patrick Brazeau and the others couldn’t have put it better.
The Nepean-Barrhaven News also reported on the alleged “name-calling, threats, racial slurs and bullying” in today’s issue – if I were Ron Benn I’d be consulting my lawyers about Ricci’s allegations. I too must object to being called a community “activist” by journalist Laura Muellar in her article. It would be more accurate to call me a “passivist” – the older I get the lazier I become.

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One Response to it’s the Pitts! 2

  1. Paul says:

    I’m not certain that posting a picture of someone that could possibly be identified apparently trying to harm themselves is the best thing to do.

    – I thought about it a lot beforehand.

    Obviously mental illness and attempts to harm oneself are sensitive issues, but the one low-resolution photo I used makes it impossible to identify the person or anyone else who was on the scene.

    Daniel Alfredsson’s you-know-who-I-am campaign and the do-it-for-Daron initiative have been lauded for removing suicide and mental illness as taboo subjects that should be swept under the carpet.

    I couldn’t imagine a scenario whereby using that photo could cause anyone harm, and it could even do some good if it stirs people to think about the problem, and maybe take action by seeking help themselves or dialoguing with a loved one who may appear to be be struggling.

    There are lot of victims when people don’t get the support they need. I heard a radio interview in which a Toronto subway driver spoke of the severe trauma she had experienced while on the job – it basically wrecked her life.

    By definition the woman was very distraught and not responsible for her actions, but hopefully people will seek help, or be encouraged to seek help (613-260-2360), before they get to the point where they may not consider the effect that their decision will have on others.

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