Justin Trudeau spotted in Bells Corners

Justin was campaigning today in Bells Corners, taking a page out of Rick’s book to work one of our many drive-thrus – outside of the free franks scam, there’s no better way to meet voters!
Justin isn’t the first famous politician to visit Bells Corners, the drive-thru capital of Canada.
Harper was here to open the church with Skippy.
And they’re expected to return soon when the new mosque on Moodie opens.
Justin stopped by the Metro to officially confirm the good news – our Bells Corners store will NOT be closed or transformed into a Food Basics.
Where Justin goes Tommy isn’t far behind. Here he is waiting for a bus in front of Frank Dinardo’s.
They both think they’d make a better prime minister than Stephen – what do you think?

Good news! Our Canadian Tire is expanding and reorganizing. Not a huge expansion, but, as business after business closes on the strip thanks to Rick and Alex’s flawed strategy, it’s nice to see something positive happening in BC.
The wall will be taken down so that the inside part of the garden centre can become part of the main store.
Hope you weren’t on Hunt Club at Stony Swamp today – both lanes were closed while they cut up the asphalt for the new high-pressure gas pipeline.
pipelines = jobs = prosperity = happiness?
The sidewalk on the strip was closed because of Rick’s crooked plan, so this guy took his chances driving the wrong way down the only open westbound lane on the strip. The construction worker stopped traffic to let the guy pass by even though it’s not really part of his job – thanks!
Be careful out there, everybody – it’s chaotic!
I’m starting to feel sorry for Jim, seen here looking glum while escaping a disastrous media scrum. Melnyk en furie!
Screwing the Senators and bungling the casino file have hurt his chances of getting reelected and made all the councillors look bad, none more than Rick. What do you think of this?

The anti-Harper forces wait for a bus.
What does Tommy make of all this?
Can Justin punch his way to power?
Liberal MP Trudeau and Conservative Senator Brazeau fight during their charity boxing match in Ottawa

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