a sad Valley Stream story

The Valley Stream community isn’t part of Bells Corners, but I’m going to tell this sad story anyway – as the crow flies we’re almost neighbours, only separated by the homeless haven in the forest and the heads-are-going-to-roll bridge.
Plus there are a lot of Bells Corners connections – Rick’s hitman Jay Tysick is part of the story. If you live in a condo you may NOT want to read any further, especially if you’ve heard about the screwed condo owners in Toronto.
Imagine that you’re a modest homeowner and you’re told “Whoops, there’s been a screw-up – the foundations in the huge Minto condo complex are full of major cracks so we’re going to have to dig up everything!”
“Oh and by the way – it’ll cost almost $20,000 per unit, payable right now. We’ll let you know if we need more money. Can’t pay? Tough, sell at a loss and move out or we’ll slap a lien on you.”
“Also, throw in another $3000 per unit – we need to rip up all the mature trees that Minto planted close to your foundations when they built your community.”
This assumes that the trees are at the root of the problem. Last summer was certainly dry, causing the clay to shrink, but that’s not the only explanation, and ripping up 50 mature trees and sending a $20,000 bill to the residents is not the only solution.
What about the tarsands trains behind the fence that thunder by a couple of times a day and rattle the teacups?
Should Minto have been allowed to build so close to the tracks?
Where were our politicians?
Forget Rick – he’s financed by developers and Roger Greenberg is one of his closest buddies.
What about the dynamiting during the construction of the Valley Stream retirement home? It didn’t just rattle the teacups – it broke them!
Why did Minto just backfill the foundations with clay? Because it was cheaper than using compacted stone? At least it’s being done properly this time.
So far only the smaller condo corporation has bitten the bullet, but the larger C.C. to the east probably has the same problems.
Jay, the new unelected president of the illegitimate Valley Stream Community Association, is lucky – he lives in a newer Minto freehold project on Gladecrest next to the poop park.
He and his CA buddy Joey won’t help – they’re too busy helping Rick get his friends’ condo towers built in spite of the community’s opposition.
Jay does PR for Rick.
Jay films and wears a wire for Rick.

Jay infiltrates community associations and fibs for Rick.
Jay genuflects for the boss.
Hopefully Valley Stream residents will find out when Jay’s bogus community association holds its next AGM and the fibbing political hack and shady lobbyist can be deposed and booted back to China, where it’s easier to get away with dirty deeds.

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5 Responses to a sad Valley Stream story

  1. Luke Chadwick says:

    I was going to give you a scoop about Jay but you beat me to it.


  2. ottawaowl says:

    Hmmm, I did some more research and maybe it was unfair to call the Valley Stream Community Association bogus. I talked to Joey and other residents and they are good people doing good things for their neighbourhood.

    No apologies to Jay though – he did some nasty things to me as Rick’s hitman when the councillor decided it was time to depose me as the legitimate president of the Lynwood Village Community Association in order to put his people in place.

    Some of the rumours Jay spread through the community about me were hateful, and yes, I can document it all. None hurt more than the sleazy allegation that I was dipping my beak in the outdoor rink budget – we ran one of the best outdoor rinks in the city, and everything was totally transparent – who got the money, and exactly what they did to deserve it.

    Community associations should NOT be creations of the councillor and the City bureaucrats – they should be grassroots neighbourhood organizations. Jay is no longer on the councillor’s revolving-door staff payroll, but Valley Stream residents would be very naive to think that he no longer works for the councillor or his developer friends. Being a paid lobbyist for a “transaction engineer” who lives on Winding Way should give Valley Stream residents cause for concern.

  3. Luke Chadwick says:

    According to the Ottawa Citizen the person that Jay is lobbying for on Winding Way is not the same guy as the Golden Oaks founder…they just happen to live on the same road.

  4. ottawaowl says:

    Okay, I see a LOT of people are hitting on this story, perhaps because of the hotly contested election in Osgoode. While I don’t retract anything, I’d just like to apologize to Jay if I hurt his feelings with the tone of my posts. Sure, I’m still pissed at how he helped Rick f**k me, but he was just doing his job. What I have acted any differently if I had been in his position? It’s just politics.

    So while I DO NOT agree with Jay’s politics I still respect him as a person. In fact I LIKE the dude! He even shook my hand and cracked a few jokes when he dropped in to touch base with Warren.

    Kim Sheldrick is my preferred choice in Osgoode but if you’re on the fence Jay is a way better choice than George. No offence, George, but apart from the snowmobile caper why would Osgoode voters choose you?

    Jay may want to burn garbage, cancel the totally reasonable “rain tax” and suck up to Doug Ford, but he’s still a better choice for voters than another Watson bobblehead.

    Anybody think Jay’s old boss in College ward is going down?

    Emilie Coyle has Rick on the run. Even Randall Denley likes her!

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