which sign to obey?

A first for the bike-taxi – a tourist from BC (British Columbia), visiting family on Arnold, climbed aboard for a free tour of Lynwood Village. She gave it three thumbs up: “I LOVE it here, and the houses are so much more affordable than in Vancouver.” Her favourite spot in Bells Corners so far? Trini Caribbean Delights!
These friendly counselors were on their lunch break at the summer bible camp at the Emmanuel Alliance Church, located on the old Dairy Queen/Red Barn site. I wheeled them over to the nearby Electrical & Plumbing chip wagon, where “everything’s FRESH.”
They all seemed to be really happy with their summer job at the bible camp.
What’s wrong with this picture?
The right-turn lane for cars heading west on Robertson has been closed, so motorists have to make a 90-degree turn in the intersection. But they only get a green arrow, so some are confused – “Can I ignore the straight-through green arrow and turn right anyway, since the orange construction sign tells me I can do so? Which sign should I obey?”
Most just ignore the green arrow and turn right anyway – those who hesitate get an impatient blast of the horn from behind.
Slow progress at the new mosque
..but the minaret is starting to rise.
twin Sycamore trees
An abundance of magnificent mature trees – one of the best things about living in Lynwood Village.
Hey! What’s with this maple tree?
Only small patches of green remain on the leaves – is that normal?
A new house is rising on Sycamore – the old Arbeatha Park lots are so big that you can $ubdivide and throw up a second house!
Hmmm, the parking lot looks pretty full in the Westcliffe plaza – business must be good.
WRONG! Most of these vehicles didn’t bring in shopping customers – they belong to the car rental place.
Even the venerable Haveli’s is feeling the pinch – when the popular Lapointe’s moved to the Starbucks plaza traffic in the strip mall plummeted. Boarded-up businesses are a plague throughout Bells Corners, but the Westcliffe plaza has more than its share – some spots have been empty for many years, yet still the landlord refuses to lower the rent.
The United Church has a new imam – too bad the next Eco-fair won’t be until next year, but the I Care – Kindness Day is generating a lot of enthusiasm.

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