free franks

When even Ken Gray at the Citizen starts questioning Rick’s political smarts and talking about Mary’s Pit you know it’s time for Rick to fire up the grill and do some campaigning.
The Mary Pitt affair is shaping up to be a blunder of Rob Ford proportions.
Well-connected Nepean community association activists like Ron Benn and James O’Grady are questioning the “culture of entitlement that runs throughout the whole political class” at City Hall.
It’s Lynwood Village’s turn to benefit from our councillor’s $250K-a-year expense account, so show up in Hillside Park (now Donogohue Memorial Park) to get your share.
Rick’s Liberal buddies like Maria Ricci, Keith Egli, Mary Pitt and Jim Watson will be there to facepaint and hand out balloons.
Conservative cronies like Rusty Baird, former Rick employees/Bells Corners BIA “executive directors” Mike Patton and Alex Lewis, Pierre Poivrière, Lisa and even Randall Denley may don an apron to help out our beleaguered career politician.
Other Team Chiarelli members (family and paid staff) will be on hand to help.
Special guests are expected.

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2 Responses to free franks

  1. wanderer says:

    I hope John, Pierre, Lisa and Randall won’t show up to support our councillor who, as is well known to Lynwood folks, totally ignores our wishes. It would take a long time to enumerate all the examples, with the street renaming only being the most notorious.

    His prevarications are also innumerable, for example assuring us that consultations have taken place when they haven’t.

    • margaret says:

      Westcliffe has its own “picnic”… and on a Saturday (only kids will show up for the Tuesday shindig maybe)

      in Westcliffe we only get a lower-case letter m for mingle … hmmm ! just for little people

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