need a house? (desire lines)

If you can’t stomach the idea of living in Jan Harder’s Barrhaven or Allan Hubley’s Kanata why not scoop up a bargain in Bill Teron’s Lynwood Village?
Maybe this place? It’s been renovated and updated from top to bottom and backs onto Lynwood Park – from the backyard you can hear the thwack! of tennis balls at the snooty semi-private tennis club and the thunk! of pucks slapping the boards on the poorly-maintained (thanks to LVCA bungling) outdoor rinks.
The front lawn “Paradise Patio” is an intriguing alternative to raising crops for the grubs.
Some would drool over this kitchen.
This place on Virgil has also been completely renovated and is ready to be flipped.
Can you see yourself sitting here? More importantly, can you see yourself making the mortgage payments?
The kitchen’s not as nice as mine, but I’ve seen worse.
Neither house is perfect – for example, the one on Longwood still has an oil furnace and the Virgil place doesn’t have a garage. Care to guess how much you’ll have to shell out to own one of these beauties?

12 Longwood Ave. is for sale at $422,900 and 31 Virgil Rd. will cost you $419,000 if you pay the asking price.
I’ll post the answer tomorrow – if you can’t wait go here and you can see some of the Bells Corners homes that are currently for sale (prices range from $79,000 in Bellwood to $529,900 on Ridgefield).
The fun is about to begin in front of the Brew Table.
Expanding the intersection will line a lot of pockets, with only a few crumbs for local residents, like a sidewalk on the west side of Moodie – you can see by the “desire lines” that it will be useful.
A sidewalk in front of Canadian Tire and McDonald’s is also a good thing, but is it really smart to rip up all the existing sidewalks on Moodie and Robertson and replace them with new ones just to enrich Rick’s buddies?
These pedestrians gave thumbs/paws up to the new sidewalks but think that the rest of the boondoggle stinks. The chihuahua growled and bared his teeth when I mentioned our councillor’s name.
Rick’s trying to sell the $3M project as bike/pedestrian-friendly – what a crock!

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3 Responses to need a house? (desire lines)

  1. Dave Mc. says:

    The days of “bargains” for any house in Lynwood Village are long gone – $400K is the new $200K, which was the norm when I moved to BC 14 years ago.

    And now I get to sit in traffic on Robertson for the next four months while the city spends millions on an intersection that didn’t need fixing in the first place. But hey, all hail the mighty commuters from Kanata and Stittsville who want to cut through Bells Corners!

  2. Jay says:

    So if I get this right we’re paying $3 million to add bike and bus lanes and two turn lanes – is that right?

    – It would be more accurate to say we’re spending $3M to double the number of left-turn lanes for vehicles on Moodie and add a couple of short stretches of long-overdue sidewalk. There are NO bus lanes (just a couple of bus boxes) and NO real cycling lanes – that’s just window dressing to hide what’s really happening here, so that slippery developer-financed politicians like Rick can sell their snake oil.

    The $3M figure is not accurate either – it doesn’t include a host of indirect costs that will be borne by the residents, the taxpayer and the environment.

    For once, Rick, you should do the right thing – – the taxpayers will thank you for it.

    The world’s longest-“serving” career politician (and his community association minions) should apologize and resign.

  3. wanderer says:

    I hope the Brew Table will give all their customers a map of alternate ways of getting to their parking lot once the mayhem begins.

    – How bad will it be? We’ll have to wait and see.

    Maybe it’ll all go smoothly and will come in under budget, but I’m guessing pissed-off motorists and more cut-through traffic for local neighbourhoods (even Rick’s).

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