batten down the hatches

The $2,600,000 intersection boondoggle (double the figure for the true cost of Rick’s folly) is about to screw us all. “Infrastructure for community growth?” Pshaw! Where’s the Ministry of Truth when you need it?
These barefooted residents are OPPOSED to car-centric/backroom-boys corrupt urban planning, but Rick and Jim couldn’t care less – when big bucks are at stake all that’s left is platitudes and doublespeak, and they’re quite confident that re-election next year is in the bag.
The Ottawa Sun’s free paper is toast and few will miss it. I guess that regurgitated Doug Hempstead pap and seedy Pierre Karl Péladeau Conservative propaganda isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.
How would YOU rate OC Transpo service in Bells Corners? I almost never use it, since I have a car and a dozen bikes in my garage, but I’m guessing that it kind of sucks – doesn’t almost all the loot go to serving affluent car drivers and the shady Tony Soprano wannabes who populate our political/bureaucratic power elite?
Bells Corners’ housing stock will soon increase by one unit – a huge lot on Sycamore’s millionaire row was subdivided and the new dwelling is now being constructed. Whoopee.
Maybe this event turns your crank?
Bells Corners lineup
Montreal lineup
down on their luck?
a bunch of slackers?
Recognize this spunky resident?
Apparently Trini’s can’t keep up with the demand, so show up early before the aloo pies, doubles and phulouries are all gone.
The $1.50-a-day DVD dispenser at Loblaws has no shortage of customers.
If I were the owner of Bells Corners’ last remaining video store I wouldn’t be too worried about the competition.
I’m just wondering why the lights are still blazing away 24/7 in the Zellers graveyard. It’ll likely remain empty for another decade, so why waste the energy?
Anyone have an electric car? If you stay at the Kanata/Ottawa Best Western you can charge ‘er up for free.
These local residents are in favour.

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2 Responses to batten down the hatches

  1. Jay says:

    I go to Subway now and then. As it is that’s a very risky crossing, and after this “upgrade” it will be even worse.

  2. margaret says:

    now what could we do with the remaining $400,000 that was originally budgeted for the project … hope those raised flower beds are included and quality installation of whatever cement or tarmac they use … not like the stuff we got on the east end of Richmond-come-Robertson

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