This rusty behemoth along the Westcliffe “sidewalk” is bilingual – speaks both F and C.
You never know what you’ll see at the Centennial Library.
There’s tons of interesting FREE stuff going on for kids of all ages.
The library has a wickedly fast internet connection with lots of free computers for everyone, even the visually impaired.
If the grubs take out your lawn…
…you can get an “instant lawn” – but it ain’t cheap.
Maybe $6,000 for an average Lynwood Village lawn? Adding in an irrigation system to protect the investment could add another few thousand.
Nasty business at the Westcliffe plaza.
Local vandals think it’s yuck-yuck funny to mess around with the signs.
The thoughtlessness of the vandals must be very annoying for the small entrepreneurs, as it happens on a regular basis.
Hat off to the businesses who make an extra effort to beautify the strip.
Longtime local residents LOVE Lynwood Village. The stories they could tell about how the neighbourhood has changed in the past 50 years!

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6 Responses to hot!

  1. margaret says:

    beautify the strip … problem with that is the overuse of portable signs … they look trashy so it’s no wonder people ‘trash’ them … not saying I agree with the trashing

    far too many signs on the strip – period … including those awful large permanent ones that don’t even advertise the community – those should never have been allowed

  2. jenne says:

    Those signs make you feel like you’re in Detroit or Vanier.

    What gets me – as soon as you’re out of BC you know it. Things are cleaner and brighter and more welcoming.

  3. cat says:

    Love the look of the spa/church! Wish others put as much effort into making the strip less tacky.

  4. margaret says:

    talking of the strip …. the old VOX has boards up for an ….. OFFICE BUILDING !!!
    so much for the hoped-for residential to add to our residential stock to aid the local economy …
    and so much for tourism …
    another drive-in and drive-out

  5. cat says:

    I caught the 97 this afternoon and couldn’t get over how ghetto-looking BC has become – it wasn’t this bad a few years ago.

    Or was it? Maybe I didn’t see it because before I moved here we just drove straight through BC.

    I am ashamed to tell people were I live. A friend of mine calls it the black hole of Ottawa. I’d love to move but that’s a long way off…

    • Tim says:

      “Ghetto-looking”? Really? What is ghetto-looking about well kept homes on quiet tree lined streets? Do you judge your neighbourhood by a nearby commercial sector? Maybe the next place you live should be chosen on the basis of a pretty shopping district and then see if you can find a house near by. I for one use the strip for shopping and then I come home. Apparently you just don’t get what this community is about.

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