I’m guessing that about a third of Bells Corners residents swallow Stephen’s bull.
They’re happy that the boss from Calgary let Bells Corners politician Rusty Baird keep his post as top international dog.
Others aren’t as pleased.
Strip merchants hoping that the opening of Fort Rusty will bring a flood of new consumers into Bells Corners won’t be cheered by the latest twist in this sad saga.
Local brat Skippy got a small promotion in spite of his recent blunders – now he’s in charge of democratic reform!
Ha! Ha! That’s like appointing Rick as integrity commissioner or putting Mike Duffy in charge of ethics at the trough. Skippy’s main job will be perfecting the robocalls system so that the Conservatives don’t get caught again.
The Bells Corners Store, located next to the firehall on Old Richmond Rd. where the Nepean City Hall used to be, may be the next local business to close because of Rick’s crooked plan.
The kooky $3M expansion of the Robertson/Moodie intersection is about to further disfigure Bells Corners and make it even more car-centric.
Traffic problems on the strip will become a whole lot worse, and residents can expect a lot of cut-through traffic as Kanata commuters seek to avoid the mess.
Gentlemen, stop your engines!
The Dairy Queen mascot seems happy – maybe he doesn’t know what ugly events went on in his shop back in 2012. No wonder it melted!
The steamy weather has made the partially renovated Dairy Queen a busy place.
Here’s a look at the Bells Corners landmark before the updating.
Many residents hate the riot of “temporary” signs along the strip, and Rick even made cleaning it up his main promise to voters.
I don’t mind so much, especially if the sign is homemade and promotes a local overtaxed business.

Do YOU believe our politicians?

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One Response to bull

  1. ferd says:

    You people who continuously vote for Harper need a good kick in the ******.

    ALL politicians are the same – none of them can be trusted.

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