crime wave?

I noticed that the vandals had carted off the yield sign on the corner, so it must be time for an update on recent Bells Corners crime, the first in almost a year (unless you count reports on political crime and the Remembrance Day abomination).
Lots of action!
Here’s the most recent stuff – more details on the police crime map.
“On any given day, nearly half of Canadians (47 per cent) visit a restaurant” according to a recent study – surely that can’t be right for Bells Corners?

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2 Responses to crime wave?

  1. margaret says:

    why 3 different ‘crime’ maps ?
    just look at all the traffic offences … must be summer !

    restaurant study … I can imagine that being relatively accurate when you take into account that a restaurant use isn’t just steak and potato but could be a coffee and donut …

    how many workers actually take their own lunch and snacks ?
    how many high school students go off property to McDs ?

    in its ‘glory days’ BC used to be the testing ground for eateries …
    BC also had a wide variety of restaurants, ‘local’ and ethnic and we still do
    at one count there were 29 eateries on the strip …
    I used to joke/brag about BC being a great place to live as we could eat at a different place every night …

    so BC used to be a great eat-out community to keep all those places going

    – The first map is some of the crime since the beginning of the year, the second is only the most recent stuff, and for the third I included “traffic offenses,” even if it seems a bit misleading to call an improper lane change or whatever a “crime.”

  2. ferd says:

    Little angel punks, left unattended by their “parents” (I use the word loosely).

    The parents are never home, so what’s a kid going to do for a few hours to relieve the boredom?

    Mom and Dad are out making mega-bucks to afford the $500,000 mortgage, the pool and an Audi.

    Who cares about quality time with your kids? Thanks to Dolton, free babysitting is now available for the stinking rich.

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