Is Skippy in trouble? part 2

Is our local MP, Rick’s buddy Pierre Poivrière, “on the right track?”
Tom sure doesn’t think so.
Justin is NOT a big fan of the Barrhaven career politician either.
Can you blame him?
The top Ottawa Sun journalist (next to Earl, of course) rakes poor Skippy over the coals. Ouch!
“He looks ridiculous, he sounds ridiculous,” she writes. Hard to argue with that.
Steve still likes Skippy, so maybe Pierre won’t be bounced out of the Conservative brat-pack just yet?
These Bayshore residents gave Skippy the Bronx cheer.
Skippy is “better than Mark Taylor but worse than Mike Duffy” was this Recyclore customer’s opinion.
These civil servants were understandably reluctant to express their thoughts on the record, but you can guess what they said about Skippy.
No Skippy fans here.
“Maybe Justin can do better?” said this guy in Spanish.
Others like Tom.
Skippy must know he’s in trouble – I’ve received FOUR pieces of taxpayer-funded Conservative propaganda in the last month, including the weird blue-maple-leaf Canada Day magazine.

Yay, it’s finally open! After a l-o-n-g delay thanks to bureaucratic bumbling, Trini Caribbean Delights has instantly become Bells Corners’ hottest restaurant.
I’m no restaurant critic, but this $2 “double” sure rocked my world.
It’s the ONLY authentic roti place in Ottawa, so aloo pie-lovers from all over the city are flooding into Bells Corners for the first time in their lives to snap up the tasty food.
This guy drove all the way from Orleans for his Trini treats!
For a quick Bells Corners/Caribbean adventure, show up between 11:30 and 7:00 (Tues.- Sat.) or Sundays, noon to 4:00 (next to the Bells Corners Segregated Barber Shop).

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9 Responses to Is Skippy in trouble? part 2

  1. margaret says:

    PLEASE STOP ‘cross-dressing-up’ PIERRE POILIEVRE and others
    make a statement even a negative one if you must – but the ‘graphics’ are just not necessary

    p I ERR e po I LIE vre …. interesting

    sadly the stuff he sends out is junk mail – until the last few weeks it had petered out but it’s all the same … I don’t even look at it let alone read it – just toss it

    also hope we can stick to BC news and less from Britannia and Montreal

    good to see the Roti place is finally open … hope it’s worth the trouble

    – Okay, no more crossdressing Pierre. But it’s not me, it’s Rick Mercer. And I can’t be the only person who thinks some of these images are funny.

    I was more interested in “dressing up” a link to the Sue Sherring story. If even the rabidly Conservative Ottawa Sun has given up on Pierre, it makes you think, no? He may still get re-elected in the next election, but it’s no longer a sure thing.

  2. wanderer says:

    I know where the restaurant is, but what’s with the Bells Corners Segregated Barber shop?

    I’ll be sure to visit the place at some point. Sounds good!

    Some good photoshopping.

    – Don’t give me credit for the photoshopping – here are the guilty parties.

    The segregated barber shop idea is just my twisted sense of humour. I like the Bells Corners Barber Shop, so it’s not a shot at them. I just noticed that they only serve men, whereas every other haircutting place in Bells Corners will do both men and women, right? It reminds me of the “public houses” in the old days, the way it works in many religions and a lot of other curious customs we have.

    I don’t think they’ve ever had a woman customer. Therefore they’re “segregated” – a woman would no more walk into the Bells Corners Barber Shop than would people of different religions start visiting each other’s temples. It just ain’t done.

    • jenni says:

      I used to go to a barber shop to get my long hair cut because they didn’t charge an arm and leg like a salon does.

    • Daniel lamont says:

      The Bells Corners Barber Shop is NOT segregated.

      I talked with a young lady there two months ago – she was having her hair cropped.

    • wanderer says:

      I was in there waiting for my hubby’s hair to be cut, and a lady walked in with a lady’s version of a boy’s hair cut. She looked really sharp, and he did a great job of styling it.

      I was almost tempted to hop into the chair and get myself a trouble free hair cut too.
      So, not segregated, just not as many women seen going in.

  3. jenni says:

    Not to interrupt the love fest here, but can someone tell me what happened to the car dealership at the Westcliffe/Robertson intersection? It had only opened up around last year.

    – I’m not sure, but it’s a story worth looking into. Wish I had a bigger budget so I could hire more reporters. But if I did that I’d have to put up a pay wall.

  4. ottawaowl says:

    “Skippy is one of the most despicable, loathsome politicians to ever grace the national stage. He’s the Conservative MP who can always be counted upon to do the bidding of the adolescents in PMO. He is the MP who even big-C Conservative commentators, like the Ottawa Citizen’s Randy Denley, say is the poster child of ‘red-necked bigots’ in his Nepean-Carleton riding. Ouch.”

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