crazy like a fox?

I know a guy who started biking to work in 2005. Not just a short commute within Bells Corners from say, Westcliffe to General Dynamics – he had a REALLY LONG 25 km ride.
Rain or shine, winter or summer, he biked from a homeless shelter in the Glebe to his job as a greeter at a Kanata Walmart, a round trip of close to 50 km. Sure, he took the bus on occasion, when the weather was especially nasty, but he didn’t miss many days.
Back in 2005 I considered him to be totally insane. I figured that the dangerous 5km stretch along Carling west of the future DND fortress would put an end to his folly in short order.
Surprise! Eight years later he’s still at it, and his daily commute has become so pleasant and safe that even my 91-year-old mom could do it (with a bit of electrical assist). So maybe he wasn’t so crazy after all.
Is RC the sharpest tool in the shed? Setting up a “sharps box registry” to replace the long gun registry seems like a pretty dumb idea, and the comments from Sun readers are quite cutting.
I wonder what’s going on with the Gow’s condos? The whole thing seems to be on hold for now, probably because only four units have been “reserved.”
sidewalk hands6
Remember when I blogged that a freshly poured section of sidewalk was going to be replaced because a kid had left handprints in it?
It seemed like a huge expense for little gain, so I was a bit skeptical that it would happen.
It happened!
Maybe the taxpayers should cough up $25K to replace these sections too?
Rick’s revolving-door staff seems to be getting younger all the time. You’d think with a $250K annual budget he could hire people with more experience.
Don’t be fooled by the graphic – we’re NOT getting tulips along the strip.
Happy Canada Day!
proud new Canadians

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4 Responses to crazy like a fox?

  1. wanderer says:

    I can’t even visualize the road and sidewalk modifications proposed for Moodie/Robertson Roads – and how long will this corner be torn up before it’s all done? What a mess that will be!

    • margaret says:

      it isn’t the clearest explanation ….
      especially when they describe position / directions

      for example “southbound bike lane on west side of moodie” …
      west side of moodie ???
      takes ages to work out just what that is all about
      if you are going south – surely there’s only one way to go on moodie

      and then the details
      they start with the southern / ending point of the bike lane rather than the point where the bike lane starts ….
      civil service gobbledegook

      and on reading it again … I could swear the sidewalks on Robertson were meant to go westward to Fitzgerald … has that been dropped for just bits in between the roads ?

      every time I drive through I wonder …. why!
      ours is not to reason why … they’ll do it any way
      and we’ll see what we see at the end of it

  2. A correction: I don’t ride nearly every day.

    – In winter I average just 1 day per week. I only bike when the snow is cleared or melted at the side of Carling. For me, the logistics and difficulty of winter biking are just too hard to do more often.
    – In summer, I ride an average of 2-3 times a week. My goal is to never drive between May – August, but the closest I’ve ever come is having only driven/carpooled in 1 day between May-June 2013.

    Working and biking every day is just too tiring for me, I rarely do it. But I know some people who do, and it must be very hard to bike in the rain or sleet. I’m just not that tough.

    – Sorry for embellishing your story a wee bit, especially the part of about you being homeless and working at Walmart.

    Seriously, though, I did think that you were a bit crazy when I first heard about you. The long commute was sort of impressive, but what really amazed me was the way you just rolled up your sleeves and made a difference from the bottom up.

    It shows that ordinary citizens CAN make a difference, especially if their cause is just and they band together.

    I’m not trying to portray you as a superhero – to me you’re more of a symbol or poster boy for all the good folk at Citizens for Safe Cycling. I just can’t believe how much you’ve accomplished in recent years. It makes me feel optimistic about the future of the city, which is not always easy when you read on a daily basis about the latest antics of our underperforming politicians and bureaucrats.

    I’m not big on joining organizations, especially if it costs money, but I cheerfully cut my $25 cheque to CfSC every year.

  3. ferd says:

    Gow’s condos may be too damned expensive.

    What a view you get – the Metro and Richmond Road Robertson Road.

    Sure. I’d pay an extra $80,000 for such a fantastic view!

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