Paint crews were out recently touching up lines around Bells Corners.
They used yellow where it was supposed to be white, so it had to be redone.
These freshly painted lines won’t last long – the $3M expansion of the Moodie/Robertson intersection is about to begin!
Gentlemen, stop your engines, and idle some more – the fun begins shortly!
These people don’t care – they can just bypass the traffic chaos on the strip by using their bikes.
These Lynwood Village residents plan on leaving their car in the garage all summer, walking and using the bike-taxi if they have groceries to haul.
A new business in Bells Corners’ HOTTEST strip mall!
First the Japanese stuff has to be scratched off the window. Then they have to wait on the City inspectors. They hope to open by Canada Day, 2014.
Rexall rocks! They tidied up their landscaping along the sidewalk-to-nowhere AND installed a bike rack.
rexallrack big enough for a bike-taxi!
It replaces the cheap tin one that wasn’t even secured to the pavement.
A old lady ran her car up on the sidewalk and crushed it last summer – the bike rack was a write-off but the car was okay.
You don’t often see snowmobiles on the strip – these are vintage models from the 50s.
This car is even older.
About 50 heritage cars owners from southern Ontario gathered in Bells Corners last weekend for their annual parade down the strip. Too bad it wasn’t better publicized – others could have joined in!

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3 Responses to stop!

  1. Sue says:

    Snowmobiles? Or pedicure chairs for the new place?

    – These are the old ones heading for the landfill. The new place bought brand new chairs.

  2. wanderer says:

    What would we do without you, Craig! Congratulations on the wonderful photos, and the advertising for the new things going on. And, I can’t believe the cost for the Moodie/Robertson reconstruction – over 6 million?

    – $6,000,000 sounds about right – $3M in direct costs, $3M in indirect costs.

    Glad you like the photos – I only have a cheap camera so they could be better. Thank goodness I can spice things up with “borrowed” photos taken by professional photographers who work for the big media.

    Too many photos can make pages slow to load if you don’t have a good internet connection, but they say that one picture is worth quite a few words.

    Some people “read” this blog by just scrolling through the photos.

    Now that handwriting has all but disappeared, can reading be far behind?

  3. ferd says:

    What’s a few million bucks when that egg-head Watson is spending billions!

    Our 100-year-old sewer system is rotting and, if something like Calgary happens to us, we’ll all be flooded-out! And it’ll be our own fault.

    Billion-dollar tunnels so that LRT can benefit a select few, or avoiding 6 feet of water in your basement – take your choice.

    HRH Watson just wants to leave his mark – a big brown one.

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